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Managing Director, Iggy Tan
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  • Altech Chemicals (ATC) has successfully shown that its alumina-coating technology can coat graphite particles used in lithium-ion battery anodes
  • Currently, graphite particles within anodes are uncoated, but recent tests have shown when the particles are coated in high-purity alumina, the batteries will perform better and be longer-lasting
  • Looking ahead, Altech will conduct testing using its alumina-coated graphite to confirm the technology extends battery life and performance
  • Altech ended the day trading grey at 3.7 cents

Altech Chemicals (ATC) has successfully demonstrated its technology can coat particles of graphite used in lithium-ion battery anodes.

In September, the high-purity alumina (HPA) producer announced it was moving to an independent verification phase of its method for coating graphite particles with a nano layer of HPA.

Currently, graphite particles within anodes are uncoated, but recent tests have shown that alumina-coated particles may increase battery energy retention and extend their life and performance.

The first demonstration phase was conducted at Curtin University last month and resulted in the application of a uniform and consistent two to three nano-metre coating of alumina to graphite particles.

The HPA-coated particles were also examined at the University of Western Australia.

Pleasingly, Altech's alumina coating technology was observed on the outer edge of the graphite particle and compared favourably to an alumina layer applied with the current coating technique. The current technique shows the layer is thicker, irregular and consistent.

"We are very encouraged by the near-perfect coating results from our technology which has the potential to significantly impact lithium-ion battery performance and address the problem of 'first cycle capacity loss,'" Managing Director Iggy Tan said.

Looking ahead, Altech will undertake battery performance testing using its alumina-coated graphite. It is hoped these tests will confirm that alumina-coated graphite particle extends battery life, performance and energy density capacity.

Altech ended the day trading in the grey at 3.7 cents.

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