Andromeda Metals (ASX:ADN) - Managing Director, James Marsh (second right)
Managing Director, James Marsh (second right)
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  • Andromeda Metals’ (ADN) and Minotaur Exploration’s (MEP) joint venture company, Natural Nanotech (NNT) has made some breakthroughs in halloysite nanotechnology
  • NNT is investigating nanotechnology applications using halloysite-kaolin-materials sourced from the Great White Kaolin Project in SA
  • NNT and the University of Newcastle’s Global Innovation Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials (GICAN) are testing the materials for various applications such as carbon capture, wastewater remediation and energy storage
  • So far, converting captured carbon into clean fuels is progressing well and water purification products are showing excellent potential
  • Additionally, a pilot plant to produce commercial halloysite products is almost completed
  • Andromeda is trading 10.7 per cent higher for 15.5 cents and Minotaur is trading flat at 7.3 cents

Andromeda Metals (ADN) has announced its joint venture company, Natural Nanotech (NNT), has made some breakthroughs.

NNT is a joint venture formed by Andromeda and fellow ASX-listed Minotaur Exploration (MEP) to investigate nanotechnology applications using nano-porous materials synthesised from natural halloysite-kaolin.

The halloysite-kaolin is being sourced from ADN’s and MEP’s halloysite-kaolin deposits within the jointly-owned Great White Kaolin Project in South Australia.

NNT is working with the University of Newcastle’s Global Innovation Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials (GICAN).

The parties are collaborating on commercial solutions for high-tech applications including carbon capture and conversion, hydrogen storage, remediation of wastewater, detoxifying pollutants, energy storage, antibacterial applications, and herbicide and pesticide applications.

The GICAN team have almost completed the construction of a pilot plant for commercial scale sample preparation and test work. The pilot plant will produce semi-commercial quantities of high-value halloysite products.

The team is particularly focusing on developing technologies for carbon capture and the technology to convert carbon dioxide into clean fuels such as methane and methanol.

Engineered nanomaterials

GICAN is now aiming to selectively capture carbon dioxide from a mixture of gases, with carbon capture at different pressures and temperatures using halloysite-derived nanomaterials caused ‘Fullerenes’.

Fullerenes are an allotrope of carbon whose molecule is in the form of a closed or partially closed mesh with fused rings of five to seven atoms. They have unique energy levels and high-electron affinity and are considered the best candidates to be used in nanocomposites. The most commonly used types are C60 and C70.

Research is currently being conducted on using Fullerenes in batteries, as antioxidants, the controlled release of drugs, and as antimicrobial agents.

GICAN Professor Vinu and the team have successfully used halloysite-kaolin to synthesise highly crystalline mesoporous C60 with an ordered pore structure and high surface area which is performing well.

They have also developed halloysite nanocarbons which show a high peroxidase activity that could be useful for water treatment.

Fullerene C60 porous carbon is proving to be the best alternative to commercial products that are currently synthesised using mesoporous silica. This alternative is also likely to be more cost effective in remediating wastewater and detoxifying pollutants.

Future work

Andromeda is encouraged by these positive results that have sourced halloysite from its Great White Kaolin Project.

Moving forward, planned activities include optimising carbon materials using different halloysite purities, producing and testing carbon material in lithium-ion batteries, completing and operating the carbon dioxide capture pilot plant and high-purity alumina membrane coating on battery separators.

Andromeda’s shares are trading 10.7 per cent higher for 15.5 cents at 10:23 am AEDT. Minotaur remains in the grey in early morning trade with shares priced at 7.3 cents.

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