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  • Aquabotix has received its first international order for its SwarmDiver EDGE vehicle
  • The order is for approximately $520,000 – the largest in Aquabotix’s history
  • SwarmDiver will be delivered in Q1 2020 and associated services will be carried through to Q2 2020

Aquabotix has received an order for its SwarmDiver EDGE hybrid micro unmanned underwater/surface vehicle from a military agency from a major Asian country.

The order is for approximately $520,000 and there are no conditions modelled in the contract. It is anticipated that the products will be delivered in Q1 2020 with associated services to be taken through to Q2 2020.

This order marks the first SwarmDiver sale outside of the United States and brings an increased awareness of Aquabotix’s global product suite.

This order is also the first military attainment of SwarmDiver EDGE designed specifically for harbour management port security missions.

“The placement of this order further cements Aquabotix’s place as an emerging trusted the provider of autonomous systems for military applications,” Aquabotix Chairman Peter James commented.

“We are delighted to be gaining traction with man-machine teaming for port security and harbour management purposes and are excited to continue developing our solutions for a response, persistent military activities and militant threats.”

The SwarmDiver EDGE is equipped with high-intensity lights for use in creating a visual boundary along the shore, docking area, around a vessel or any other item of interest.

It was created to respond to threats of piracy, militant groups and other disruptions to governmental, defence, commercial and private activities.

This order comes after a period of restructuring with Aquabotix de-emphasising its short term sales in favour of developing larger sales – particularly the SwarmDiver series of products.

“Since the roll-out of these products [SwarmDiver series], the Company’s sales have followed the right trajectory,” CEO Whitney Million commented.

“April saw Aquabotix enter into a US$30,000 contract with the United States Navy and May saw a larger the United States Armed Forces contract of US$150,000 and now the Company has received an AUD$520,000 – the largest in its short history.”

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