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  • Video tech specialist Atomos (AMS) has teamed up with Nikon for world-first affordable RAW recording
  • Atomos’ Ninja V can be combined with Nikon’s Z cameras to record in Apple’s ProRes RAW format
  • Essentially, this allows for cinema-quality and editing control over the footage
  • Normally, Nikon’s Z cameras can’t record in RAW format
  • Atomos shares are trading just under three per cent down for $1.41 each in mid-afternoon trade

Video tech specialist Atomos (AMS) has teamed up with Nikon to bring crystal clear video recording that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

The companies have officially launched a “RAW over HDMI” recording solution. For those who enjoy the finished product of the cinematic process rather than the behind the scenes work, it’s not as high-tech as it sounds.

Essentially, the product brings in cinema-quality capabilities to ordinary cameras.

Filmmakers can combine Atomos’ Ninja V high-definition recorder with Nikon’s Z 6 or Z 7 series cameras, and with a single HDMI cable record Apple ProRes RAW footage.

ProRes RAW is a high-quality video format that gives editors more control over the final look of a photo or video. Ordinarily, Nikon’s Z range can’t record in ProRes RAW.

Atomos Ninja and be mounted on a Nikon Z camera and record ProRes through an HDMI cable. Photo: Atomos

On top of the increased quality and control of the footage, ProRes RAW can also be played through a MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro in real-time and without rendering.

Atomos CEO Jeromy Young said this new recording solution — which Atomos said is a world-first — allows video features that are ordinarily far too expensive for the average filmmaker.

“Working in collaboration with Nikon, we’ve given two full-frame mirrorless cameras the capability to record in the powerful ProRes RAW format. The message this sends to video content creators everywhere is game-changing,” Jeromy said.

“It challenges them to upgrade their ambitions, even more, to aim for cinematic quality they probably assumed was out of reach. Every camera supporting RAW over HDMI gets us closer to democratising video production,” he said.

Atomos said other camera makers are picking up the trend and have announced RAW over HDMI implementations to be released in the near future.

While these products will technically be competitors for Nikon’s products, Atomos management said every new HMDI RAW camera increases the potential user base of its Ninja product.

Atomos shares have settled below yesterday’s closing price after a morning spike. In mid-afternoon trade, shares are down 2.76 per cent and selling for $1.41 each.

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