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  • Digital loudspeaker specialist Audio Pixels (AKP) says it is ready for the delivery of its microchip product in February next year 
  • The company has recently completed testing of over 400 variations for its digital speaker which uses micro-electromechanical structures
  • Acoustic sound quality is vastly improved with the use of Audio Pixels’ microchip 
  • The miniature size of the chip also means it uses far less power 
  • Audio Pixels’ share price is remaining flat, with shares trading for $16.01 each 

Audio Pixels (AKP) has updated the Australian market with the progress of its revolutionary digital speaker.

The company uses micro-electromechanical structures (MEMS) for the speaker’s production which reduces the process between the digital source to sound.

The difference in the process between traditional speaker technology and Audio Pixels’.

Audio Pixels’ chip replaces conventional speaker drivers. It is far smaller and consumes significantly less power which creates a better acoustic sound. The speaker limits distortion and produces a clearer and more accurate sound.

On top of this, it caters to a wider frequency range, lower frequencies and a louder sound volume.

In today’s update, Audio Pixels detailed it has tested over 400 design variations to ensure the speaker’s design and function are as intended. Once the test results are implemented into the official design it is expected delivery of the microchip will begin in February next year.

“Management anticipates that such adjustments to the structural design will provide substantive and significant improvements in the acoustic performance,” the company said.

At 2:30 pm AEDT, Audio Pixel’s share price is remaining steady, trading for $16.01 each. Before midday, the company saw a near three per cent boost which fell flat. 

AKP by the numbers
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