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  • Oventus Medical’s O₂ Vent sleep apnea treatment technology is being adopted by a regional sleep group and the largest dental group in North Carolina, USA.
  • This collaborative model is expected to be replicated by region in North America with accelerated sales expected in the second half of 2019.
  • The O₂ Vent provides treatment for obstructive sleep apnea as an alternative to the uncomfortable but conventional CPAP treatment.

Australian Oventus Medical Ltd is taking its O₂ Vent sleep apnea treatment technology to key customers in North Carolina, USA.

Oventus’ North American team has partnered with Dr Domingo Rodriguez-Cue of SleepCues, PA and Lane Dental, the largest comprehensive dental group in North Carolina, to bring in the Oventus Sleep Treatment Platform as a new treatment method for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients in the Carolinas region.

The O₂ Vent technology acts as an alternative OSA treatment for patients who can’t tolerate conventional continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy.

The O₂ Vent, worn like a mouthguard while sleeping, opens up airway passages and bypasses nasal congestion and other areas of airway collapse such as the tongue, soft palate and lateral walls. It provides similar treatment to CPAP therapy which is easily transportable and comes without the hassle of a mask, machine and tube.

Founder and CEO of Oventus Dr Chris Hart said the company has been working with SleepCues and Lane Dental for the last two months to educate team members throughout North Carolina on the benefits of their technology and how it is best put into clinical practice.

“This is the first region where we are launching our airway technology in both the sleep and dental channels simultaneously. The technology is bringing sleep and dental groups closer together as the incorporation of air channel technology requires oversight of both a sleep physician and a dentist,” he said.

Oventus said it anticipates this model to be replicated by region in North America over the coming 12-24 months and is expecting accelerated sales in the second half of 2019.

SleepCues, PA has four locations across North Carolina and runs roughly 400 sleep studies per month. Dr Rodriguez-Cue said SleepCues is looking forward to working with Lane Dental to deliver Oventus devices to patients across the region.

“While some patients benefit from conventional treatments like CPAP, we see many who don’t. The Oventus O2 Vent and treatment platform is the biggest advancement in sleep medicine we’ve seen for many years,” he said.

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