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  • AVA Group has secured two new contracts for $862,000 for its Aura Ai-2 technology
  • The new contracts are for US government sites and a North American Nuclear Power Plant
  • The Aura Ai-2 technology uses artificial intelligence to accurately detect trespassers attempting to break through above ground and under ground structures

Risk management services company, the AVA Group has received two international contracts for its Aura Ai-2 technology. The new deals are with two ‘high-security US government sites,’ and a North American Nuclear Power Plant, with the combined value of $862,000.

The Aura Ai-2 technology uses artificial intelligence to detect trespassers. This includes climbing, cutting or lifting along perimeters. The technology can also be applied to underground systems, such as pipelines, to detect intrusion from below.

“The company continues to see significant interest in the unique Aura Ai-2 capabilities, including the precise location of intrusion attempts and the ability to continue to protect permitters even if the sensing cable is cut, for the protection of critical infrastructure globally,” CEO of AVA Group, Scott Basham, said.

According to the company, the Aura Ai-2 covers the longest range currently on the market. It spans up to 80 kilometres along above ground structures and can reach up to 110 kilometres of under ground structures.

“New updates to the technology has improved its accuracy, which can now “pinpoint an intrusion location down to within +2m on a fence mounted application,” Marketing Director, Mark Horton said.

Other notable clients include the Indian Air Force who last week, purchased the Aura Ai-2 technology for 23 of its airbases.

AVA Group list intelligence agencies, nuclear facilities, data networks, armed forces, correctional facilities, power stations, airports, borders and oil and gas perimeters and pipelines as being companies which will greatly benefit from the Aura Ai-2 technology.

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