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  • Behavioural tech company Gooroo is raising $1.5 million from shareholders to purchase AI-based company, AIS Anywhere
  • Gooroo believes the merger will improve the company’s international presence, especially tapping into the U.S. market
  • The company uses neuroscience and artifical intelligence to measure thought patterns and decision making, using the data to enhance work place performance

Gooroo Ventures is currently looking to raise $1.5 million from shareholders to help fund the purchase of AI-based business, AIS Anywhere.

A total of 30 million shares will be issued to sophisticated and professional investors at $0.05 each.

The behavioural tech business is self proclaimed as, “the only company in the world who can measure how people think”.

It has a patent-pending product which uses neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI) to measure people’s thought patterns and decision making processes.

When in effect, the technology is designed to help companies bring out the best in employees and enhance productivity.

The company explained that by merging with AIS it will help it to expand into the global market, particularly in the U.S.

Additionally, it works in favour with Gooroo’s strategy to leverage the use of AI.

Gooroo hopes to capitalise on the rapidly changing job market, which continues to see a rise in the use of AI.

A Deloitte Global study forecasts in 2019, that 70 per cent of companies using AI will use it through a cloud-based enterprise software, which Gooroo produces.

It also forecast that 65 per cent will use cloud-based development services, which AIS produce.

In 2016, Gooroo signed a three year deal with Microsoft to provide career planning tools to Microsoft Certified Professionals and Most Valued Professionals.

The company was recognised in 2017 by the Victorian iAwards, winning Innovation of the Year. Additionally, in 2018, Gooroo won APSCo’s Creativity and Innovation Award.

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