Biotron (ASX:BIT) - Managing Director & CEO, Dr Michelle Miller - The Market Herald
Managing Director & CEO, Dr Michelle Miller
Source: Biotron
  • Biotron (BIT) has provided an exciting update on its BIT225 compound, a possible cure for HIV, by confirming it enhances the immune response to the deadly virus
  • The compound is the first of its kind to both inhibit HIV and increase immune response to the virus, allowing it to be recognised and destroyed
  • The new data confirming BIT225's effectiveness against HIV will be presented at this weeks International AIDS conference
  • Shares in Biotron have increased following the announcement, trading up 20 per cent at 12 cents per share

Australian biotech company Biotron (BIT) has confirmed its lead compound BIT225, seen as a potential cure for HIV, helps enhance the immune response to the deadly virus.

The compound is also the first of its kind to both 'unmask' HIV-infected-cells, and increase immune response to the virus, allowing it to be destroyed.

Today's announcement of new data, which will be presented at the 23rd International AIDS Conference this week, is another strong result for the company and its overall aim to eradicate HIV.

The treatment

Essentially, Biotron's treatment works by finding hidden HIV-infected cells within a person's body.

BIT225 is a major breakthrough, as currently, those diagnosed with HIV will need life-long treatment, as the virus often remains present in cells which are hidden from the immune system.

But, if BIT225 continues to prove successful, it may one day alter the need for life-long treatments.

This is because by combining BIT225 with current anti-HIV drugs, the treatments together will eradicate HIV, identify previously hidden cells containing HIV, and eradicate those as well, clearing the virus from the body altogether.

Biotron has undertaken phase one and phase two trials of BIT225 and said the new results support further clinical studies of BIT225 therapy in combination with antiretroviral therapy (ART).

“The latest results provide key information on how BIT225 directly modifies immune responses to HIV-1 infection. It helps explain the immune changes that we saw in the phase two clinical trial and gives us even more confidence in our product”, Biotron’s Managing Director Michelle Miller explained.

Following today's announcement, Biotron shares are trading up 20 per cent, at 12 cents per share at 1.59 pm AEST.


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