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  • Buddy Technologies has launched its latest smart light product today — a world-first multicoloured and customisable smart light
  • The product, called the Candle Colour, can connect to smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and more
  • Pre-sales for the Candle Colour are now available in the United States, with international rollout on the way soon
  • Buddy has also announced that sales for its smart lighting products are now available through Dixons Carphone Warehouse in Ireland and the U.K.
  • Buddy shares up 20 per cent today, currently worth 2.4 cents each

Buddy Technologies has launched the world’s first polychrome smart light today, with pre-sales of the Candle Colour available in the U.S.

Buddy works in internet of things (IoT) and cloud-based solutions. Its goal is to help customers “make every space smarter”. Buddy’s consumer business trades under the LIFX brand.

The Candle Colour product features 26 customisable light zones, billions of colour combinations, and extensive warm to white ranges. It can also connect to smart home and vocal assistant technologies from Apple, Google, Amazon and more.

“Users can experience effects previously only available to LIFX feature lights such as morph, fire, and paint,” the company said in an announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange today.

“This gives customers the unique ability to direct different light colours and shades to various sides of a room from a single light bulb,” it explained.

From 12:00pm AEDT, pre-sales for U.S. customers will begin, with other regions and base fitting sizes to follow.

The first batch of Candle Colour is expected to begin shipping into the U.S. by the end of October.

In more big news, Buddy is also now selling its LIFX products in U.K. and Ireland through bricks and mortar retailer Dixons Carphone Warehouse.

Previously, Buddy announced a shipment to support new European retailers in the order of 140 stores. The shipment has now been increased to support 250 stores.

This launch is important as it represents the first offline sales of LIFX smart lights in the U.K. Previously, LIFX products were only available online in the U.K.

LIFX will now be one of two brands of smart lightning to be sold in Dixons region-wide.

“It is clear that on-shelf retail assortment is crucial in this region and LIFX is on track to be only the second on-shelf smart lighting product broadly distributed across Europe,” the company’s announcement said.

Buddy Technologies has gained 20 per cent on the ASX this morning and is selling shares for 2.4 cents apiece at 12:38pm AEDT.

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