CardieX and Blumio on track to develop at home blood pressure technology
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  • CardieX and Blumio have received successful results following a trial of its at home blood pressure measuring technology
  • The non-invasive and essentially contactless technology can record changes in blood pressure and central blood pressure, which may assist in identifying cardiovascular diseases
  • So far there is no FDA approved technology of this kind, however there is a predicted $1 billion market for it

Medical technology companies CardieX and Blumio are on track to commercialise a wearable blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure monitor will be non-invasive, sensor-based and cuff-less.

A report by Grand View Research from 2017 proposed that the market for at home blood pressure monitoring will reach $1 billion by 2020. Due to the exceptionally high demand, CardieX and Blumio are seeking to produce the first FDA approved device of its kind.

The two companies have an equal split interest in a joint development agreement which is working towards creating a wearable device to measure blood pressure and central blood pressure.

Central blood pressure "is read at an organ level," including the heart, kidneys and brain. Observing the central blood pressure can assist in identifying cardiovascular diseases.

A trial testing the technology was recently completed at Macquarie University, which the companies have labeled a success.

During the trial, three cases were measured, which include arterial age, exercise capacity and cardiac load, the estimation of blood pressure or central blood pressure and related cardiovascular indications with a one-time calibration and continuous blood pressure and central blood pressure values estimation.

From 15 subjects over 17 sessions were included in the trial, with each session trialling a series of different variables, which included time, position and equipment. Altogether a minimum of 3,264 channels of data required analyses.

Phase one of the trial recorded observable changes in the data which corresponded to measured blood pressure changes. Clinically observable differences were recorded between each subject, which the companies said increases the likelihood of differentiating between the blood pressure characteristics of each subject.

During phase two the companies concluded an algorithm has been developed to process Blumio's sensor signal technology, which provides accurate central blood pressure waveforms and parameters. The results mean the new technology may be able to replace the currently used tonometers.

Additionally, during the second phase, the technology has been achieved which allows continuous readings of blood pressure and central blood pressure measured with the Bulmio sensor.

Professor of Medicine and Health Sciences and Maquarie University, Alberto Avolio" said and "important distinguishing feature of the Bulmio sensor is that it is essentially contactless, and as such increases the potential applications of this type of sensor."

CardieX and Bulmio are looking to further develop its sensor technology for the blood pressure measuring device, as well as developing an app which will display the results.


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