Cellmid (ASX:CDY) midkine patents granted in the U.S. and Europe
  • Cellmid (CDY) has received notice of allowance for an improved antibody patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Key U.S. and European patents have now been granted for its midkine antibodies
  • These patents secure protection for midkine antibodies to treat cancer, inflammatory diseases and auto-immune disorders
  • Cellmid is currently up a steady 7.14 per cent with shares trading for 22.5 cents apiece

Cellmid (CDY) has received notice of allowance for the improved antibody patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Additionally, following a Notification of Intention to Grant from the European Patent Office (EPO) for the Improved midkine antibody patent, the EPO has now issued a decision to grant.

The simultaneous granting of these patents in the U.S. and key European areas represents a major milestone in the midkine therapeutic program.

The humanised therapeutic antibody covered by both the patents is one of the lead drugs in the midkine program and adds significant commercial value to the comprehensive intellectual property portfolio around midkine.

This newly granted midkine antibody patents and allied patent families underpin Cellmid's dominant intellectual property position over the use of midkine therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of diseases arising from cancer and chronic inflammation.

Midkine is a growth factor that is highly expressed during embryonic development and it modulates many important biological interactions such as cell growth, cell migration and cellular adherence.

These functions are relevant to cancer, inflammation, autoimmunity, wound healing, and. nerve growth and repair.

Midkine is barely detectable in healthy adults and only occurs as a consequence of the pathogenesis of a number of disorders.

It's often evident very early in disease onset even before any apparent physical symptoms and it's only evident in a disease context and targeting midkine is not expected to harm normal healthy tissues.

Cellmid's total midkine patent portfolio currently comprises of 67 patents and applications in 12 patent families.

Cellmid is currently up a steady 7.14 per cent with shares trading for 22.5 cents apiece at 11:40 am AEDT.


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