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  • Router provider Connected IO has made the first sale of its CM4NA product to the U.S. in a $300,000 transaction
  • Due to ageing infrastructure, router outages are common in the States
  • Outages can have major impacts on residents and businesses
  • Connected IO’s share price is up 25 per cent in early trade, currently sitting at 0.5 cents apiece

Router provider Connected IO has made its first sale to the U.S., worth $300,000.

The company’s CM4NA product is set to combat unpredictable wired routers in the States, offering an instant back-up solution in case of interference.

Existing routers average five to 10 hours of downtime each year. These outages can cause major problems for residents disrupted by no internet and businesses suffering disabling payment methods and security measures.

Essentially, Connected IO’s CM4NA modem can immediately take over if an existing wired router loses internet connection, ensuring the home or business stays online.

According to Connected IO, construction work, tree work, random power outages, and natural disasters are common factors resulting in router failures. Many outages are due to ageing infrastructure in the U.S.

The company expects to manufacture and ship the products by the end of the month.

Connected IO’s share price is up 25 per cent in early trade, currently sitting at 0.5 cents apiece, as of 11:03 am AEST.

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