Digital Wine announces launch date for WINEDEPOT
  • Digital Wine Ventures has announced its offical launch date for its WINEDEPOT business
  • Over 50 suppliers have already pre-registered for the business
  • WINEDEPOT will be launching next month

Digital Wine Ventures has announced the offical launch date for its WINEDEPOT business.

The company announced it will be launching its WINEDEPOT as the sponsorship partner of the Wine Industry IMPACT Conference which will be held in Orange, NSW on September 17 and 18.

WINEDEPOT is a cloud-based technology platform that connects the wine industry stakeholders to reduce time, margin and capital wasted in the existing supply chain.

CEO Dean Taylor is pleased to launch the business at the IMPACT conference.

“The industry’s national direct-to-consumer (DTC) conference is the perfect event and the right audience to be launching WINEDEPOT to a range of senior wine industry leaders that will ultimately influence our success," he said.

The IMPACT conference will be hosted by Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA) and the associations CEO, Matthew Moate, couldn’t be happier with the partnership.

"The wine world is changing and innovators like Dean and the WINEDEPOT team are adding a new level of competitiveness and capability to our industry, making them the perfect partner," Matthew said.

WINEDEPOT is expected to make revenue for the second half of 2019 as Digital Wine will start on-boarding customers within the next few weeks.

Over 50 suppliers have already pre-registered, ranging from small producers to some of the worlds largest wine businesses in the country. There has also been interest from craft spirit, beer and cider producers.

"It shows that there’s a lot of latent demand in the entire beverage for a fulfilment solution that caters for the direct-to-consumer market, as more and more brands embrace ecommerce as a powerful brand building and sales channel," Dean said.

Dean believes that WINEDEPOT platform will not only be appealing to local wine producers but also international brands, especially in New Zealand.

New Zealand represents half of the wine imported into the country and he believes they will take full advantage of the platform.

The company is also expecting online retailers and marketplaces to use the platform.

"To improve their customer service levels, expand their ranges and to reduce the amount of inventory they carry. Our platform provides them the ability to deliver to 85 per cent of orders nationally within 24 hours at cost that they easily absorb into their margins," Dean added.

WINEDEPORT has recently partnered with Australia Post to establish a network of deports.


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