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European Metals Holdings Limited has completed the engineering assessment of test work aimed at demonstrating the ability to produce lithium hydroxide from Cinovec ore.
Cinovec is the largest lithium deposit in Europe and the fourth non-brine deposit globally. EMH is developing a process for the production of lithium hydroxide from the Cinovec project due to the demand by Czech and European manufacturers.
Dorfner Anzaplan, a high-value specialist in testing, completed these tests to find a more traditional way of converting lithium carbonate through to lithium hydroxide.
The result of the tests was the production of a battery grade lithium hydroxide sample. The total amount of product produced was below 10 grams.
This data is being used as the basis for an update of the Preliminary Feasibility Study (PFS), in the case that the final product will be battery grade lithium hydroxide and will potentially, allow for the production of battery grade lithium carbonate. Once the engineering work has been completed, flowsheets will be available for reference. 
Keith Coughlan of European Metals states that EMH’s proven ability to produce battery-grade lithium hydroxide is an accomplishment and will allow the Company to supply its product into the European market. EMH will soon be providing an update of the 2017 PFS.

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