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  • EMvision has provided a development update on its brain scanner device set for trail at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.
  • Clinical trial will take place at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane
  • A successful site evaluation was completed in preparation for the trial
  • EMvision is making significant advancements with developing the device’s hardware
  • Calibration techniques are being achieved with the assistance of Key Technologies to maintain device consistency in clinical settings

EMvision has provided a development update on its brain scanner device set for trail at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

The brain-scanner uses electromagnetic microwave imaging for diagnosis and monitoring of strokes. The pilot trial will result in data collection from patients with diagnosed ismchaemic and hemorrhagic stroke, using CT and/or MRI images.

Before the pilot trial can commence, Princess Alexandra Hospital required a site evaluation. After identifying where the device would operate and be stored, patient frequency and accessibility, EMvision concluded the site evaluation was successful.

Medical professionals at the hospital provided feedback which reinforced the need for a small, portable imaging device which is accessible to patients.

“We are excited to place the device on stroke patients shortly as we work to develop a product that has the potential to change lives,” CEO Dr Ron Weinberger said.

The company has been continuously improving the headset design of the brain-scanner device to be used in the trial. Key improvements include enhancing antenna performance to increase the quality of imaging.

The team at Envision have also been developing several calibration techniques to optimise the reliability of microwave imaging devices. The calibration techniques include factory calibration, annual maintenance calibration and operational calibration; operational being the most challenging.

EMvision has been working with Keysight Technologies on the headset calibration hardware which the company reports is continuing positively and ‘leading to continuous product improvement.’

There are still a number of steps to fulfil before the pilot trial is expected to commence in Q4 this year.

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