EMVision (ASX:EMV) - Managing Director & CEO, Ron Weinberger
Managing Director & CEO, Ron Weinberger
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  • EMVision Medical Devices (EMV) is on track to complete the build of its first-generation portable medical imaging device next month
  • The product is intended for commercialisation targeting point-of-care use in monitoring stroke patients across diverse medical settings
  • EMV says it has continued to advance the technology and accessories despite COVID-19 restrictions and in line with advice from the NSW Government
  • The first generation device will undergo rigorous testing ahead of expanded clinical studies
  • EMVision shares are trading slightly lower at $2.74 each at 12:57 pm AEST

EMVision Medical Devices (EMV) is on track to complete the build of its first-generation portable medical imaging device next month.

The pilot model is intended for commercialisation and will be used to monitor stroke patients in a variety of medical settings, including intensive care units, stroke and neurology wards, angiogram suites and emergency departments.

In terms of design, the device is comparable in size to a cart-based ultrasound unit and can be wheeled directly to a patient’s bedside for point-of-care neuroimaging.

Complementing the technology, EMV’s product development team has advanced a series of consumable components and accessories designed to support the device’s mode of operation.

These components include a coupling medium that flows into a membrane contained within a headset.

The medium performs similarly to ultrasound gel in facilitating electromagnetic imaging, with the apparatus intended to be disposed and replaced after a set volume of scans.

Secondly, EMV has developed a single-use disposable cap to provide infection control and assist the operator in positioning the above headset on patients.

Further, the company has created a series of accessories in consultation with its clinical collaborators to support patient comfort, such as neck support.

EMVision CEO Ron Weinberger said despite COVID-19 restrictions, the company continued to progress towards its targets in line with health advice from the New South Wales Government.

“Substantial effort has gone into design for manufacture and reducing our bill of materials in line with our commercial objectives,” Dr Weinberger said.

“Particularly exciting are the developments in our consumable portfolio. Consumables have potential to contribute an attractive annuity income stream for the company.”

EMV’s first generation units will undergo testing for functionality, reliability, integration, preliminary safety, performance and compliance ahead of expanded clinical studies.

The product will also be assessed against manufacturability, assembly, shipment, environmental impact, use, service and repair.

EMVision’s shares were trading 0.3 per cent lower at $2.74 each at 12:57 pm AEST.

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