engage:BDR (ASX:EN1) - CEO, Ted Dhanik
CEO, Ted Dhanik
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  • Amidst COVID-19 business woe, digital advertiser engage:BDR (EN1) has signed five new large scale programmatic partnerships and a publishing deal
  • One of the new partnerships has been signed with a global programmatic advertising player
  • The new clients also take EN1 past its quarterly target, bringing in seven new partnerships by the end of March instead of five
  • In addition to the contracts, engage:BDR is also planning to bring America’s largest gaming community to the table as an ad publisher
  • The company says it will keep shareholders informed of the deal’s progress in the future
  • In the meantime, engage:BDR shares have spiked 6.67 per cent and stock is trading for 1.6 cents apiece

Amidst COVID-19 business woe, digital advertiser engage:BDR (EN1) has signed five new large scale programmatic partnerships and a publishing deal.

The company specialises in the programmatic advertising space, where it operates a virtual market that allows clients to acquire digital advertising space on platforms like mobile apps.

engage has been in the programmatic advertising game since 2009, but only publicly listed in Australia three years ago.

The five partnerships

The advertising agency is now engaging with kiip, Advangelists, PulsePoint, RythymOne and Criteo on engage:BDR’s programmatic exchange.

Teaming up with Criteo is particularly significant for engage; the company notes their new client is one of the largest programmatic buyers in the world and represents a big opportunity for the business.

The new partnerships also take EN1 past its quarterly target. While the company aimed to sign five new clients by the end of the March quarter, they’ve now onboarded seven.

Because of the boost, engage’s total partnerships now sit at 225.

According to engage, all five partnerships have now become live, and are currently in the testing phase.

Following the new partnerships, engage says it’s expecting a significant revenue boost. Although the company hasn’t specified when the increase will hit the books, it says the advertisement opportunities are very unique and offer something different to EN1’s current clients.

MocoSpace publishing deal

In addition to the new contracts, engage:BDR is also bringing a new app advertisement publisher on board. According to EN1, MocoSpace is the largest gaming community in North America and represents an acute advertising opportunity.

Although it’s new to the EN1 advertising world, MocoSpace gained its popularity on the back of the MySpace peak in 2008. engage says it will update the market on its other publishing partnerships, such as its activities with NetZero, in the near future.

In the meantime, engage:BDR shares have spiked 6.67 per cent. Stock is trading for 1.6 cents apiece at 3:18 pm AEDT.

EN1 by the numbers
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