EVE Investments (ASX:EVE) - MD and CEO, Bill Fry
MD and CEO, Bill Fry
Source: EVE Investments
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  • EVE Investments’ (EVE) business, Meluka Australia, partners with Probiotics Australia to jointly develop a new range of prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic products
  • The partnership follows Meluka’s concentrate beverage range achieving significant growth in Australia and the US amid a ‘heightened awareness’ about health and wellbeing
  • Meluka has provided honey samples from its bee hive in NSW which has led Probiotics Australia to identify several bacterial strains that will be analysed and developed
  • Company shares are up 25 per cent to trade at 0.5 cents at 2:07 pm AEDT

EVE Investments’ (EVE) business, Meluka Australia, has partnered with Probiotics Australia on the back of a strong sales performance.

Meluka’s probiotic concentrate beverage range has achieved a 175 per cent increase in sales over the past six months in Australia as well as a 239 per cent growth in the US within the same period.

The retail health and wellness brand attributes this to the growth of the international probiotics market and it continues to gain new customers as well as experience a high number of return purchases from existing customers.

As a result, EVE has expanded its probiotics range to incorporate prebiotics, probiotics and even postbiotics and the collaboration agreement with Probiotics Australia is set to expedite the development.

Probiotics Australia has a TGA/cGMP-certified facility that produces high-quality probiotics organisms and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Together, Probiotics and Meluka will identify and produce new bacterial strains from Meluka’s bee hives located on the EVE organic tea tree properties in the Bungawalbin Valley in NSW.

Positively, Probiotics Australia said it identified several bacterial strains from the honey samples Meluka provided from its bee hives. The strains are currently being isolated and characterised using genetics and biochemical analytical methods to culture and develop them into commercial quantities.

EVE Managing Director Bill Fry commented on the future of the probiotic market.

“Probiotics will increasingly become part of a consumer’s daily routine as the health benefits are more widely understood. We are excited to collaborate with Probiotics Australia to develop new unique probiotic strains and expand our overall product offering,” he said.

The company’s overall goal is to become one of Australia’s leading producers of high-quality probiotic products.

EVE’s shares were up 25 per cent to trade at 0.5 cents at 2:07 pm AEDT.

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