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  • Family Zone reports “game-changing” SpotShield product at this year’s EduTech convention
  • SpotShield allows schools to enforce filters and web-browsing policies on all devices on school grounds and during school hours, even if a student is connect to the internet via a mobile personal hotspot
  • SpotShield works with any existing firewalls and requires no parental involvement
  • Family Zone has received positive feedback from school clients, and SpotShield will be made available to all new and existing clients later this year

Family Zone Cyber Safety Ltd is enjoying a 4.35 per cent increase after announcing the “game changing” SpotShield product at this year’s EduTech convention.

SpotShield is designed to help schools manage the issue of students using personal hotspots to bypass school filters. By accessing the internet via mobile hotspots, students are often able to access gaming, social media and pornography sites while on school grounds.

According to Family Zone, schools are reporting almost half of students using hotspots to bypass safety filters. With an increasing number of children using mobile phones and improved availability and accessibility of high-value mobile data plans, hotspotting is stopping schools from being able to perform their basic duty of care.

Family Zone’s SpotShield helps solve this issue by forcing all devices at school and during school hours to be subject to the school’s filters and browsing policies.

Key features of SpotShield include: the ability to apply school policy whether a device is connect by WiFi, cellular networks or any third-party wifi services; SpotShield works with any exiting firewalls; it requires no parental involvement; it boasts sophisticated anti-tampering projections and alerts.

SpotShield also forces students to install Family Zone apps on their devices as they connect to a school’s WiFi. This gives parents the opportunity to engage with the Family Zone platform and use the company’s technology for control of their home networks to ensure children are protected at home as well as at school.

Family Zone management says it believes SpotShield is a game changer in student cyber safety, and the feedback from the company’s school clients has been “exceptional”. SpotShield will be made available to all new and existing Family Zone school clients in the coming quarter.

Family Zone is a technology company focused on cyber-safety and keeping children safe from potentially harmful websites and web-based activities.

Family Zone shares were trading at a premium 12 cents a piece as at 12:41pm AEST in a market cap of $24.08 million.

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