Whether we like to talk about it or not, the time we spend in the bathroom is precious | Source: Nicole Franzen

14 Magnificent Bathroom Designs to Guide Your Next At-Home Renovation

Whether we like to talk about it or not, the time we spend in the bathroom is precious. It’s where some of our most intimate moments take place. So not only should it function well, it should be designed for optimal comfort and luxury. While some bathrooms are grand enough to have all the fixings like walk-in showers, smaller bathrooms can still make a decor splash. Designed with luxurious materials like marble and brass, here are 14 bathrooms designs that you’ll want to have around for your next at-home renovation.

1. Concrete curves

Pairing perfectly into the minimalist interior design trend, concrete is a simple way of adding texture and stripped-back refinement to your bathroom. Incorporated into the bathroom in various shades, curved concrete softens the sometimes harsh aesthetic of the material to allow it to seamlessly weave into a neutral palette.

2. Green screen

The love for green in interiors isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This statement green bathroom shows that more muted shades of green are the ultimate shade for your bathroom feature tile, complementing marble, brass and silver accents.

3. A touch of timber

Although a classic all-white bathroom will never go out of style, adding a touch of timber is a simple way of injecting some warmth into an otherwise quite cool-toned bathroom. Whether it be wooden cabinets, shelving, or a towel rack, timber is a versatile and textural tone worth bringing into the bathroom.

4. A splash of 60s

While this trend isn’t to everyone’s liking, the nostalgic use of fairy floss pink tiles can make a stylish impact when done right. Styled with pops of modern brass and mid-century furnishings and you have a chic step back in time.

5. Rainforest oasis

Another interior trend that isn’t going away is houseplants. Now a mainstay of every room in the house, a rainforest-like bathroom filled with leafy indoor plants is a sure way of creating a jungle oasis in your very own home.

6. Abstract bathtub

If you’re looking to stray from the tried and tested standard bathroom layout, bringing in a standalone bathtub is sure to create some visual interest in your bathroom or ensuite. Add an abstract-shaped tub into the mix, and you’ve got a real left-of-center bathroom. We can’t get enough of this striking bathroom from the iconic Cove House.

7. Monochromatic moments

Along with splashes of marble, modern bathrooms keep finding their way back to matte black. Creating a sleek statement in the form of vessel sinks and tapware, the monochromatic look is another bathroom style that exudes luxury.

8. Rain showers

Granting the ultimate shower experience, rain shower heads have been a staple feature in bathrooms for some time now. But this rain shower and bath take the concept to the next level, creating a spa-like haven in the comfort of your own home.

9. Copper tones

Whether it be exposed copper pipes or copper-toned tiles, the use of warmth-giving copper is a staple feature in industrial-style bathrooms and continues to be used in bathroom feature walls.

10. Opulent lighting

Who says chandeliers are just for the hallway? Elevate your bathroom by bringing in opulent lighting, like this modern chandelier, which adds drama and accentuates the vertical space in your bathroom.

11. Light-giving skylights

Offering unfiltered natural light, skylights are a great way of breathing life into a bathroom. When place above the shower, skylights can provide a refreshing morning wake-up as well as a direct view into the night sky during the evening.

12. Art Deco wall sconces

Continuing with the theme of lighting is the Art Deco wall sconces trend. Creating visual interest to our bathroom feature wall, wall sconces carry a sense of luxury and are a sure way of adding some Hollywood glamour into your bathroom.

13. Statement black

Allowing contrasting tapware and finishes to really pop, a statement black bathroom adds drama and dark sophistication. A stylish black canvas also allows for any indoor plants to really stand out.

14. Spa-style wet rooms

Offering a space-saving solution to small bathrooms and the feeling of stepping into a spa when incorporated on a grander scale, wet rooms are the ultimate addition to the bathroom. Perfect for those who enjoy languorous soaks in the bath, the wet room design has been a popular feature in bathrooms recently.

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