Somnio superyacht in Sydney

Somnio will be the largest yacht once complete | Source: Somnio

A Look Inside the A$15m Apartments Aboard the ‘World’s Biggest Yacht’

Set to circumnavigate the globe in unparalleled luxury, Somnio is offering a glimpse into what its multi-million dollar apartments could look like.

Measuring 728-feet, the “yacht liner” will be the world’s largest yacht by length and volume once she is completed in 2024. Somnio puts the cost of building, designing and outfitting this “six star” superyacht at approximately A$780 million. Other estimates suggest the cost of Somnio may reach more than A$824 million.

As for the 39 luxury apartments, the starting price for a residence aboard Somnio is approximately A$15 million. Apartment sizes will range from 182 square metre two-bedroom apartments to more spacious 963 square metre apartments which can accommodate up to four bedrooms.

Featuring large cavity sliding doors, open plan living and opulent finishes, the apartments designed by Tillberg Design of Sweden and Winch Design offer comfortable and stylish living on the superyacht. However, residents will also enjoy the option to customise their apartments if they wish.

In terms of amenities, residents can expect a 10,000-bottle wine cellar, top-quality restaurants and bars, an onboard beach club and a number of swimming pools. Residents will also have access to a full concierge service, world-class health care and medical services.

From remote island chains to polar expeditions, Somnio promises to fulfil a lifetime of travel dreams.


As for Somnio’s travel route, the destinations remain a closely guarded secret, however residents are told they can reasonably expect to stop by exclusive yachting destinations like Portofino, Monaco, Antarctica and French Polynesia.

The name Somnio derives from Latin, meaning “to dream” and with the apartments available to purchase on an invite-only basis, many can only dream of sailing across the globe on Somnio.

The project is being overseen by Somnio’s co-founder, Captain Erik Bredhe, who has assured in a statement that Somnio’s owners will experience “only the best, as is befitting of a yacht of this nature”.

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