It’s So Unique, Ferrari Have Named it After Italy's Capital City: Rome

This could be one of the best Ferrari GT models ever

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Luxury, comfort, and uniqueness are some of the primary benefits that Ferarri’s new model undoubtedly brings to the table – the 2020 Ferrari Roma.

Named after the capital of Italy (Rome), this outstanding mechanical invention allows the driver to accelerate to 60 m.p.h for precisely 3.3 seconds and to 124 m.p.h for approximately another 6 seconds.

The uniqueness of the Roma model stems from its sheet-metal construction, which recalls Ferraris from the 50s and 60s, the time when Ferrari was boasting some of the most luxurious and fast-paced cars in the entire globe, and still…

What’s unique about this new Ferrari car is that under its bonnet, you’ll discover a 3.8-litre V-8 engine that houses the ferocious 611 horsepowers, which will definitely bring your riding experience a sense of enormous adrenalin and power.

The engine perfectly fits with the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, or also the so-called – DCT, making your drives extremely convenient. This also brings the driver an impression of perfectionism. 

When it comes to the interior, there aren’t two opinions on the matter. Oustanding style and deep comfort are the things that await you when you first step into the Ferrari Roma. The incredible layout of the car is made from upscale materials that emphasize the precision of the detailed work put in the design of the interior.

Moreover, the driver encounters an enormous 16-inch fully digital gauge cluster, allowing him to easily navigate through the flat-bottom steering wheel.

Kids can eat on the rear seats without making the interior dirty. The driver can put his fears to rest, due to the incredible stillness Ferarri’s new model provides while the car is in motion. This ensures your kids can eat in the car as they eat at the home table, peacefully and without any interruption.

The difference between this new model and previous ones is that the Ferrari Roma is more of a grand tourer rather than a focused track star. It provides passengers with rather more engaging infotainment and connectivity features, keeping the passengers entertained during prolonged drives.

Currently, the Ferrari Roma is priced at A$225,000.

In order to make your buy easier, Ferrari enables you to choose from two types of guarantees:

  • Limited warranty. This one covers 3 years of unlimited miles.
  • Complimentary maintenance. This one covers 7 years of unlimited miles.

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