LOTUS ELETRE - The All-new and all-electric Hyper-SUV from Lotus | Source: Youtube

600HP Lotus Eletre: The World’s First Electric Hyper-SUV

Bold, progressive and exotic, with iconic sports car DNA evolved for the next generation of Lotus customers

Lotus’ first-ever SUV was unveiled last week, and it’s likely to spell the end of the British brand as we know it.

Famed for its sports cars, Lotus is shifting gears, targeting a modern generation of customers more interested in electric vehicles. Spearheading the new direction, the Eletre launches as the first of three new Lotus electric vehicles to come over the next four years. The world’s first electric Hyper-SUV will begin deliveries in 2023.

The Eletre, our Hyper-SUV, is a unique combination of beautiful design, exceptional dynamic performance and everyday usability, for those who dare to look beyond the conventional, and marks a turning point for our business and brand.

Qingfeng Feng, CEO, Group Lotus

Harnessing “the soul of a Lotus with the usability of an SUV,” the Eletre is poised to position the brand as a key player in the electric vehicle premium lifestyle market.

It’ll face stiff competition from the likes of the Mercedes EQC400, the Tesla Model X and the slightly smaller Volvo XC40 Recharge.

But if there’s an electric SUV that can go toe-to-toe with those juggernauts, it’s the powerful, performance-driven Eletre.

The 4WD EV boasts power figures starting from 600hp from a battery that’s over 100kWh. That’ll propel the car from 0-100km/h in less than 3 seconds and up to a top speed of 260km/h.

As with any electric vehicle, range and charge time are also defining factors – the Lotus offers a maximum WLTP driving range of 600km and with a 350kW charger will deliver a 400km range in just 20 minutes.

Ticking all the boxes of a modern EV, the Eletre also comes with the ability as standard to accept 22kW AC charging – the kind most people have at home.

The design, led by Ben Payne, uses a ‘carved by air’ design ethos which inspired two Lotus sports cars, the Evija and Emira, presenting a visual lightness to the vehicle.

Key aerodynamic principles spread throughout the flowing curves of the exterior. including an active front grille, bonnet exit vents, and vents behind the front and rear wheels.

Resembling a high-riding sports car rather than an SUV, Mr Payne said: “We have taken the iconic design language of the Lotus sports car and successfully evolved it into an elegant and exotic Hyper-SUV.”

Inside, the design is soundly minimalist and rather Tesla-esque in the sense that traditional instruments make way for futuristic screens. Key vehicle and journey information is displayed via a 30mm-high strip ahead of the driver. At the centre, a 15.1-inch OLED touchscreen controls most of the technology including the car’s advanced infotainment system.

Manufacturing will take place at Lotus’ all-new high-tech facility in China which has the capacity to produce 150,000 vehicles per year.

While there are currently no plans for the car to reach Australian shores, the Lotus Eletre is on sale now across markets globally with the first customer deliveries to start in China in 2023.

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