Staging lets buyers imagine themselves in the home | Source: Pinterest

9 Tips For Staging Your Home When Selling

When it’s time to sell your home, one of the best things you can do to maximise your profits is to stage your home. This means preparing your property to impress buyers and showcase the home’s best assets, this way you can sell quickly for the highest possible price.

Good staging lets the buyer imagine themselves in the home, it shows how potentially weird spaces can be utilised and creates a mood and atmosphere to spark an emotional connection with the space.

Of course, having a clutter-free home is important for selling, but when it comes to staging there is so much more than just doing a tidy-up. Read on to discover our nine top tips for staging your home when selling.

1. Start on the Exterior

We’ve all heard the expression, “You only have once chance to make a first impression,” and the same goes for your home. Entice buyers by flaunting your home’s curb appeal and guarantee perspective buyers take a look inside.

Start by getting your garden neat and manicured. Mow the lawn, trim hedges and trees and get rid of any weeds. Mulch the garden to tidy up the garden beds and consider flower boxes by the front door.

Wash the windows, and if you can, power wash your home’s exterior so it looks as fresh as it can. If your letterbox is crumbling, replace it, and paint your fence if it’s looking tired.

If your home has a pool, make sure it’s freshly scooped and clean. Consider buying some patio furniture if you don’t already have some to showcase the living potential of your home.

Don’t risk turning buyers off with an unappealing front yard | Source: Pinterest

2. Clean

Before you sell your home, you’re going to need to clean it as your life depends on it. There is nothing more off-putting to a potential buyer than a grubby sink or a stained carpet, while a thoroughly cleaned property shows that the home has been taken care of.

Scrub every inch of your home from the floors to the ceilings, countertops to showers and everything in between. Your goal is to make everything look new, so if you’ve been neglecting to dust the blinds or the tub, now is the time.

Make your home sparkle | Source: Pinterest

3. De-personalise

This can be the part of staging that people most struggle with, but it’s time to move away from the things that made your home yours. Prospective buyers aren’t interested in seeing how you have lived in the home, instead offer them a blank slate where they can imagine themselves living. The home now belongs to the buyer, not the seller.

Start by removing personal photos from walls and surfaces, and clear the fridge of tacky magnets and bills to be paid. Keep your clothes and laundry hamper stored away out of sight. Remove personal items like toothbrushes and prescriptions from the bathroom, and place out a stylish hand soap and towel.

Anything else that’s highly personal like children’s toys or religious memorabilia should likewise be tucked away. Art is fine and can actually be useful for bringing life to the home, but don’t opt for anything provocative.

Present buyers with a neutral yet stylish space they can see themselves in, not you | Source: Pinterest

4. Stage Where it Counts

When it comes to staging, not every room is created equal. Reports show the rooms that hold the most importance for buyers are the living room, the master bedroom, and the kitchen.

While this doesn’t mean that other rooms like the spare bedrooms and bathrooms should be neglected in your staging efforts, it simply means you can dedicate more of your time (and budget) to these spaces.

The kitchen is the heart of the home | Source: Pinterest

5. Create Light

Natural light makes us feel happier. So be sure to make your home as light and as bright as can be for buyers.

Remove old and drab curtains and replace them with something chic, such as soft linen shades. Replace any outdated light fittings with modern pendants.

When it comes to the showing, ensure all curtains and blinds are open, as not only will this make the space feel fresher, but it can also create the illusion of space. Turn on all overhead lights and lamps in the home, including in closets, so prospective buyers aren’t fishing around for the light switch.

Light-filled homes make buyers feel welcome | Source: Pinterest

6. Re-arrange Furniture

Help buyers navigate through your home by removing any furniture that clutters the space. You want there to be as much open and walkable space as possible.

Remove furniture that is the wrong size for the room, as it can make it look small. Likewise, too little furniture will make your home feel cold and sparse. You want your rooms to feel spacious, homely and inviting, and presented in such a way that buyers can visualise their own furniture in the space.

If your furniture is outdated or damaged, you don’t need to break the bank to switch it out. Look for furniture rental companies to create a stylish and welcoming atmosphere, and simply place your furniture in storage in the meantime. When in doubt, never show an empty home as it feels empty and unliveable, and buyers will struggle to imagine themselves living there.

Position furniture to create comfortable living spaces | Source: Pinterest

7. Patch and Paint

The worst thing you can do is present the home to buyers where they can visualise all the time and effort they’re going to need to put in for mundane fixes. So if your property needs a little TLC, staging is the perfect opportunity to tackle those repairs you’ve been putting off.

Go through your home and if you notice areas where previously applied paint has chipped, patch it up. Look for scuffs and marks on the walls and buff them out with a magic eraser. If the ceiling or walls have cracks that only look bad but have been deemed sound by an inspector, ensure you repair these so you don’t scare off potential buyers.

Show buyers the home has been well-maintained by mending signs of wear and tear | Source: Pinterest

8. Go Neutral

While you may love your lurid yellow feature wall, there’s a good chance it won’t appeal to the majority of buyers. One of the best things you can do when staging your home to sell is to paint over polarising colours with classic neutrals, like white and taupe.

The same goes for wallpaper. It’s best to tear it down and paint the bare walls, as painting over wallpaper can look shabby and signify to buyers of work to do.

While your future buyer may decide to paint their bedroom black or bright pink, staging it neutrally allows them to see the home’s potential and gives them the option to do with it as they see fit.

Neutral colour palettes are always a safe-bet | Source: Pinterest

9. Add the Finishing Touches

Lastly, make your home feel like a space people want to live. On the day of showing open doors and windows for an hour or so to let the fresh air remove any stuffiness, but beware of pesky flies getting in. Arrange fresh flowers in vases, light a softly scented candle (forget freshly baking cookies, research shows this is one of the most unappealing scents for prospective buyers) and plump up your throw pillows.

Make sure the towels in the bathrooms are freshly laundered and fluffy and do a final vacuum and wipe-down of surfaces.

Congratulations! Your home is now ready to greet its future owner and your chances of selling it quickly and profitably have significantly increased.

Fresh flowers and subtle aromas always make a home feel inviting | Source: Pinterest

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