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A Dietician’s Tips on Having a, Relatively, Healthy Easter

And suddenly, Easter is around the corner once again. Offering a much-deserved opportunity to relax and catch up with friends and family, the Easter long weekend is a welcome break for many of us. However, it is no secret that Easter poses somewhat of a challenge to those who are striving to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Now synonymous with hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and all things sugar-loaded, the Easter festivities can tempt us (namely, myself) into a rather regretfully self-inflicted sugar coma. And when you have family lunches and catch-ups scheduled for the weekend, the last thing you want is a sore stomach.

In the same token, an Easter without a little indulgence just isn’t right. Fortunately, the Easter festivities don’t require an all or nothing approach. We spoke with MACROS Dietitian and Food Specialist, Marianne Hudson, to give you dietician-approved tips for having a reasonably healthy and balanced Easter.

1. Choose quality over quantity

It can certainly be tempting to overdo it on the Easter eggs, hot cross buns and numerous other sweet treats offered to you during the Easter festivities. But if avoiding a sugar crash is a priority for this Easter long weekend, Marianne recommends prioritising the foods you want to eat the most rather than trying to taste everything.

“I think it’s important to avoid depriving yourself and take the opportunity to really enjoy the food you’re choosing to consume in controlled amounts,” she said.

2. Eat more mindfully

It is little surprise that in our fast-paced world, many of us tend to eat too quickly. Simply taking a few more moments to eat our food, not just during the Easter festivities but in general, can help us avoid over-eating and aid digestion.

I love the Japanese term ‘hara hachi bu’, which loosely translates to stop eating when you’re 80 per cent full. This can help you to eat more mindfully by focussing on internal hunger and fullness cues, and can ensure you don’t overdo it.

3. Fill yourself with more nourishing foods

If you’re concerned about over-indulging on less healthy snacks and treats, don’t attempt to compensate by skipping meals; stick to your regular eating routine as much as possible.

As for some healthy alternatives to the sugar-loaded Easter rabbits and cakes, Marianne recommends dark chocolate coated fruit, as well as egg-shaped bliss balls to keep in the Easter spirit.

“They’re relatively quick and simple to throw together and you can get creative with the combinations of dried fruits, nuts, grains, seeds and cocoa powder,” she said.

Coconut covered bliss balls | Source: Abbie Whiddett

4. Balance out the indulgence

For chocolate lovers looking to maintain a healthy diet, Easter can be a testing time. Add in a busy schedule to the mix, and it can be all too easy to opt for unhealthy snacks and, in my experience, the convenience of Uber Eats.

To ensure you can easily reach for healthy snacks and meals during the busy long weekend, Marianne recommends having something on hand.

“Meal delivery services like MACROS provide fresh, well balanced, dietitian-designed meals for a variety of dietary needs or preferences,” she said.

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