Mathew Olusayo

Mathew Olusayo

A Glimpse Inside the Modern Beefbar in Monaco

With its elegant architecture, chilled atmosphere and a gorgeous view on the Fontvieille port, Beefbar Monaco is a true tasting experience thanks to a menu based on simplicity and high-quality ingredients.

Beefbar Monaco is situated in Monte Carlo. At the restaurant, the beautifully designed stone-carved raw bar is exactly a place where one will see all basic fresh dishes prepared right in front of one’s eyes.

The Restaurant

Beefbar is an exceptional & vibrant culinary destination created by Riccardo Giraudi. Here, the best cuts and origins of meat in the world are carefully selected, presented and cooked. Beefbar reveals the rarest meats through popular recipes or simply grill them in unique ovens. Reflecting on cosmopolitan culture, the menu also offers a selection of street food, tiradito & tartare to share, very simply prepared.

Photo: Beefbar Monaco

The concept breaks with classic & rigid codes. Through its architectural lines and menu, Beefbar embraces all the sensations of modern luxury and offers a total carnivorous experience.

The Experts at Art

This luxurious restaurant is the dream location for all meat lovers in the know; the menu offers a large choice of the best cuts of meat which are selected from around the world. The Beefbar is an established brand in the Principality of Monaco, but also in other places like Hong Kong and Mexico.

Photo: Beefbar Monaco

The Beefbar was conceived to break the traditional codes of rigid & high-end cuisine. Offering its customers an exceptional gourmet experience, at The Beefbar the luxury is felt and enjoyed. As a result of the restaurant’s success, the business has expanded launching a new additional concept: The Beefbar Butcher Shop. Since the 22nd of February, the clients are able to visit this new generation butcher to choose and buy the cuts- filets, entrecote, steak, ribs, and tenderloin of exclusive meat, under the informed advice of the butcher.

The Design

They say the Beef Bar is “a place where a simple steak and mashed potatoes are elevated to the level of gastronomy.” Boosted by this recognition, the restaurant has just completed a makeover of its “flagship” in Monaco.

Supple leathers in earthy tones, wood panelling, and bronze and amber light fittings to give a voluptuous look and create an ambience of warm colours; a combination of straight and curvy lines defines the space. The “raw bar,” sculpted in stone, is the ideal place to admire the dexterity of the chefs as they work with fresh products. The new “lounge” will simply complete a perfect culinary experience. As for the selection of beef and its cuts, they have remained true to the original conce

Beef bars have a relatively new product category in meat snacks and cuisines. Beefbar Monaco’s main differentiator from other restaurants in Monaco is that they attempt to give a more “authentic” treatment and comfortable friendly environment to enjoy your view as you enjoy your meal.

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