A Look inside Jennifer Hawkins A$20m Beachfront Listing

When you’re the winner of a coveted pageant crown, nothing else matters. Aside from a loving, real estate-developer husband, and a precious little daughter. The only thing that’s (not) missing in the equation is a beachfront property built from scratch. Not to mention award-winning.

Such is the life of Miss Universe 2004 (and Miss Australia of the same year) Jennifer Hawkins, who has now put up one of Australia’s most beautiful homes for sale at a rumoured value of A$20 million.

The property where this custom built home, by none other than Jake Wall, husband extraordinaire, was bought in 2014. It was said that the property and the construction of the home cost A$6 million to build. Throughout the last three years, Instagram followers of the couple have seen how they built it from scratch, following the design of architect Koichi Takada. Located in Newport, this property has its own private beach (if it doesn’t then it won’t be this coveted).

Source: Instagram

The 4-levelled beachfront mansion (on 3252 sqm of property) called Casa Paloma is every human’s dream piece of real estate. Who wouldn’t like floor to ceiling windows that show off the picturesque sunsets scattered with yachts and boats of all shapes and sizes? Fancy making a stone oven-baked pizza?

They have it. The cliche and fantasy walk-in closet of models? Sure. But have you heard of a closet full of wine that opens to the dining table? Now, that is something. Are you getting cold while watching the sunset on the beach? Don’t worry, a bonfire is already in place, fenced in by possibly the most comfortable mattress in place.

Source: Instagram

With 5 bedrooms, they are sure ready to entertain family and friends. And let’s not forget the infinity pool, no beachfront property is complete without it. Welcoming their daughter, Frankie Violet just last October 22nd, made them want to be closer to family. Jennifer said in an interview with Title Deed, “It has been absolutely amazing to live in Newport and this house was perfect for entertaining family and friends being by the water.” She added, “I’ve always dreamed of living on an acreage by the ocean and now that we’ve just had our daughter Frankie we’d like to live closer to family while she’s young but still close to our work in the city, so we have our eye on Avoca, MacMasters and Wamberal.”

If the sale pushes through, this is one of the first properties to reach the sale price point of A$20 million in this area. But this isn’t too far from happening as Australia’s fixer-upper couple had sold houses that they’d flipped before. Who knows? There might be an owner tomorrow.

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