Inspired by the Arab-Moorish tradition that infuses so much of Morocco’s heritage, the architecture and décor of the deluxe hotel La Mamounia | Source: Supplied

A Look Inside the Exclusive La Mamounia: Morocco’s Finest Luxury Hotel

It’s a fusion of some of the most captivating architecture to be found and world-class hospitality. Enter the La Mamounia, a five-star stay in Marrakech that was repeatedly named Best Hotel in the World by Condé Nast Traveler and labelled, “the most lovely spot in the world,” by the late Winston Churchill.

Exuding luxury in every corner, this hotel will deliver a magical stay within stunning interiors. With prices beginning at A$850 per night, it would be a good idea to book a room fast as its popularity continues to climb.

If you want to delve further into Moroccan interiors and potentially bring them to your own home, check out international style meets Moroccan decor, but first, let’s take a step inside Morocco’s most prestigious luxury hotel.

Eclectic Interiors

Morrocan architecture is diverse and distinctive, featured by white walls, stucco roofs and geometric patterns. The designs reflect the country’s rich and complex history, a melting pot of Spanish, Islamic and African influence. And this is no different inside the Mamounia, a culmination of exquisite Morrocan design. The architecture is so impressive, in fact, that the hotel spa is considered one of the most magnificent indoor pools in the world.

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Source: La Mamounia
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Source: La Mamounia

Haute Cuisine

If you seek a night away from the frenzied streets of Marrakech, the kitchen of La Mamounia offers a Mediterranean culinary experience like no other. Choose from a selection of diverse restaurants and bars, depending on what kind of mood you’re in.

Le Bar de la Piscine is deep in the heart of the hotel gardens and framed by lush surroundings. Sip a fruit juice by the pool or choose from a diverse menu including monkfish, slow-cooked lamb shoulder or lobster roll.

Le Bar Majorelle offers a cozy ambience and colourful interiors. The bistro-style restaurant includes options ranging from tender poached leek to sea bream ceviche. For those with a sweet tooth, finish off the night with a traditional Moroccan pastry.

Le Churchill is a dedicated bar to one of La Mamounia’s many esteemed visitors, former U.K Prime Minister himself, Winston Churchill. This stop is ideal for cocktail and spirit enthusiasts, delivering bold recipes inside a sophisticated, old-world bar scene.

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Le Bar Majorelle | Source: Mamounia

Character accommodation and rich with history; you could not find more charming stays than the rooms at La Mamounia. The hotel consists of 135 rooms and 71 suites, each intricately designed and fitted with every necessity imaginable. Choose from traditional rooms or elevate yourself into luxury in a range of suites.

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Source: Mamounia

Rooms & Suites

Bathed in luxury and elegance, each room at the Mamounia is of grand proportions and palatial design. Set within the historical Agdal neighbourhood, these deluxe rooms are the perfect place to rest before a day of sightseeing.

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Source: Mamounia

Private Riads

If immersing yourself in the height of Moroccan luxury is what you are seeking, you will want to book a private riad. Set in the heart of the hotel’s gardens, the riads occupy a breathtaking 700 square metre block. Each contains a swimming pool, terrace, patio and accommodation equipped for 6 guests.

Guests can enjoy the privacy of their own dining room and lounge, each showcasing the best examples of Moroccan design and workmanship to be found.

Each riad includes king-sized beds with linen, complimentary toiletries, Maison Garnier terry bathrobes and VIP service which includes private transfer from the Marrakech airport.

Wellness Centres

A traditional wellness ritual in Moroccan culture is the Hammam. Typically, a Moroccan hammam is a journey between steam rooms. Starting in a dry hot room, you will be taken through a purifying ritual, consisting of a steam room to take away impurities, a bathing room, a resting room and a full body massage.

Choose from a vast selection of hammams offering full skin exfoliations and body wraps.

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Source: La Mamounia

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