Image: BMW 5 Series G30 Sedan. Source: BMW

A Luxury Legacy Continues: A Look At The New BMW 5-Series

The BMW 5-Series; a mainstay of the luxury executive sedan market since the introduction of the first generation in 1972. The latest in the seventh generation, the BMW 5 Series G30Sedan 2020, continues the legacy. The classic series featuring the BMW G30 sedan and BMW G31, the wagon version, retains the essence of what makes these cars special.

BMW ensures uncompromising driving dynamics are the heart and soul of every 5 Series Sedan. From hybrids to the high-powered M Sport Package, BMW G30 5-Series is defined by precise design, and excellent engineering. Combining elegance with athleticism, the style underwent a facelift in 2020 yet the core of the model remains carefully intact. Everything you love about BMWs is ever-present. Here’s a look at the brilliant BMW 5 Series G30 Sedan 2020.

The Design

The design is everything you would expect from a BMW 5-Series. A sophisticated style and an elegant presence that is unique to BMW. This car is comfortable yet sporty. It’s just at home cruising through a business district as it is driving on the freeway. The updated 5 Series is as stately as ever; distinct exterior lines and precise contours shape the exterior.

A long wheelbase, extended bonnet and flowing roof line add to the streamlined style and the double kidney grille and L-shape LED lights to complete the modern look. The BMW gives off a puristic vibe and the M Sport package offers an even fresher look with new front and rear bumpers.

The Technology

Aside from impeccable style, first-rate technology sets the BMW 5-Series apart. BMW has always been innovative with its technology and the BMW G30 2020 is no different. Step inside, to a large 12.3-inch touchscreen with buttons in gloss black. Utilise advanced digital services and intelligent driver assistance systems including; navigation functions, smartphone integration, BMW personal assistant and a digital key. Designed for ease of use, everything from assistance systems to connectivity features, ensure you have a relaxed and connected journey.

The Performance

Great performance with more power and more control. The economical 4-cylinder Diesel engine is powerful and there’s impressive torque from the 6-cylinder petrol engine. Every journey can be done comfortably yet there’s a quickness to the BMW 5-Series Sedan went you want it. A finely tuned machine under the hood, the car comes with improved chassis technologies. The adaptive suspension, integral active steering and the xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system, optimise your experience. Plenty of traction in wet weather and assistance technology that’ll help you on the road when it counts. Safe, reliable, and powerful, the BMW 5-Series is a comfortable cruiser that easily adapts to a speedier sports car than the time presents itself. Upgrade to the M Sports series for that extra gusto.

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