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A New Leaf: Top Tea-Making to Improve Your Morning Brew

Finding the right loose leaf tea can be a transformative moment. While most of us reach for a teabag – for convenience sake – there’s something quite ritualistic and indulgent about making a cup of loose leaf tea.

Sure – it might take a little longer to brew the perfect cup – but loose leaf tea forces us to slow down and savour the moment in a way that we usually wouldn’t. From organically-picked green tea to the classic English breakfast; here are the best loose leaf teas to indulge in for your next cuppa.

The Best English Breakfast: TWG Tea

If you can’t imagine having anything but a hot mug of English breakfast tea with your toast in the morning then TWG Tea has a wonderful selection of loose leaf teas available for you. The Singaporean teahouse chain has a large variety of artisanal english breakfast teas on offer. If you want to keep things traditional then go with TGW’s strong and full-bodied broken-leaf English Breakfast tea, otherwise, have a look at their other varieties of classic blends – the London Breakfast tea and their Breakfast King tea are winning favourites.

The Best for Sustainability: Tielka

Tielka is an Australian tea brand that’s making some of the most sustainable and ethical teas around. With pretty packaging, Tielka also has some creative custom blends on offer. We love the ultra feminine Rose Moscato tea, with its rich pink notes of adaptogenic schisandra berries, and the sassy Lady Betty tea with delicious Italian Bergamot and rose flavours. While we love their selection of loose leaf teas, their tea bags are exclusively made from plant-based fabric.

The Best Earl Grey: Monista Tea Co.

Earl Grey can be a challenging tea to get right. Its stronger floral notes don’t agree with every tea drinker but we’re sure that Monista will be able to change a few minds with this blend. The Melbourne based tea company have created this tea with a specific location in mind. Capturing the perfume of Monet’s Garden in France, this Earl Grey is designed to pay homage to the French countryside. Containing black tea, bergamot oil, French blue cornflower blossom and calendula flower petals, this earl grey is destined to be your favourite mid-morning cuppa.

The Best Green Tea: Harney and Sons

Three generation tea company, Harney and Sons, are known for their high-quality fair trade tea blends. While their sweeter, dessert teas capture most people’s attention, the brand has a huge selection of green tea blends available. From the organic plain green, to the vibrant flavours of tropical green and the citrus infused citron green, you really won’t know where to begin. All of Harney and Son’s green tea blends are made from leaves picked from the best fields around China and Japan.

Harney & Sons Organic Plain Green

The Best Tea to Make Iced Tea: Tea Forté

While Tea Forté is known for their elegant pyramid-shaped tea infuser, the luxury tea company also produce a delicious blend of loose leaf teas. With flavours such as white ginger pear, raspberry coconut and berry basket, these tea blends are ideal for making a summery jug of iced tea. Made with a decadent blend of handpicked leaves, herbs, fruits and flowers, your summer afternoon tea will never be the same.

Georg Jensen stainless-steel Bernadotte tea infuser, A$61.00

If you’re looking to upgrade your morning brew even more then you can read about the best espresso machines on the market, how to drink coffee like an Italian and our guide to growing your own herbal tea garden.

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