Ricks Owens X Aesop

Rick Owens x Aesop | Source: Aesop

Aesop Releases a Limited-Edition Collaboration With Rick Owens

In an ode to minimalism, American fashion designer Rick Owens and Australian skincare brand Aesop have announced their debut collaboration of skincare and beauty products.

Custom crafted as a “dedication to simplicity” the collaboration features a range of skincare, homewares and fragrances. The release features a scented candle, travel kit and a wrist wrap that doubles as a bandana made from certified organic cotton. Inside the travel kit is a curation of essential items, delicately influenced by Owen’s style and includes the Coriander Seed Body Cleanser, Resolute Hydrating Body Balm and a shampoo and conditioner pack.

In addition to this is Owen’s distinctive fragrance, an Eau de Toilette, incorporating black pepper and coriander seeds with the intention of reflecting “the radicality of Rick Owens”.

Nicknamed the “Lord of Darkness” for his gothic style and provocative collections, the collaboration is surprising given Aesop’s traditional aesthetic. However, Owen’s style seamlessly integrates into the Aesop line in a culmination of tasteful radicalism.

First launching his fashion line in 1994 from a store on Hollywood Boulevard, Owen’s clothing lines have traditionally featured high-quality fabrics with lush textures. From Kate Moss to A$AP Rocky, his collections have been worn by numerous high profile figures.

Rick Owen carries a reputation for defying trends in his fashion collections | Source: Surface Mag

I am not sure if it was my body responding positively to the alchemy of the unguents they produce or my head responding to the quiet and gentle aesthetics of their ethos as a company, but Aesop’s balms represented a soothing mood that I wanted to continue seamlessly throughout my home life and my travel life.

Rick Owens in a statement for Aesop
A taste of Rick Owen’s gothic style from Phlegethon SS21 | Source: Rick Owens

The Aesop x Rick Owen line successfully fuses the respective identities of both Aesop and Owens in “suitably unconventional” fragrances and formulas. Released on 21 March, the limited-edition collection is available online at Aesop and at select in-store locations.

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