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Embrace the curve as we head into 2022 | Source: World Architecture

Ahead of the Curve: The Interior Trend to Expect in 2022

Along with neutrals, boucle furnishings and house plants, curves are having a serious moment in the interior design space. Spurred on by the pandemic, our 2021 interiors reflect a collective longing for comfort, softness and tranquillity from our spaces, and as we march into the new year it looks like those design trends are here to stay. Whether it be curved archways, round mirrors or curved couches, the mid-century inspired trend of curvaceous interiors have a sought-after softening effect while nodding to a contemporary style many are calling ‘new Art Deco’.

Curves are welcoming- they have a stronger emotional impact than rectilinear spaces.

Oliver Haslegrave, Founder of Hoe Studios, told The Bruno Effect

Living Room

According to Architectural Digest, 2022 will bring the comfort of curves into our homes in the form of curvaceous sofas and circular structural elements. In favour of angular furniture and sleek modern lines, interior designers are opting for soothing curves in the shape of circular coffee tables, curved modulars and arched windows. In the living space, we could also see plenty of voluptuously curved armchairs not dissimilar to the likes of Italian designer Gaetano Pesce’s iconic Up chair.


Curves carry on into the bedroom in the form of undulating headboards, 70s-inspired bedside tables and organically shaped decor. In terms of palette, neutrals have been featuring heavily in the bedroom this year, and 2022 will see more warm wood tones, soothing white and cream linen, rattan furnishings, sumptuous velvets and boucle in our quest to create relaxing havens for rest.


In the kitchen, curves can also be seen softening the lines of island benches with rounded kitchen benchtops and cabinetry becoming a popular design choice recently, especially in conjunction with the use of textural battens. Complimented by rounded bar stools, arced mixer taps and curvaceous vases, the trend will tone down the standard angular features of the kitchen and accentuate interior design’s recent love of a more natural selection of textures and materials.


According to Studio Bagno, your bathroom sink is no longer just a practical element of the bathroom that will almost always end up in gloss white. Along with unique shapes and top basin styles, the bathroom sink is taking on a range of shades and materials. For 2022, however, we can envision that concrete statement sinks and surface mounted sinks in pastel shades will continue to be a mainstay in trendy bathrooms.


So strong is design’s love for curves that undulating facades, arched windows and arced features are all becoming defining elements of exteriors, both residential and commercial. In an article in Houzz, co-director of Conway+ Wise Interior design Studio, Mishell Wise, said this “biophilic design trend” seeks to incorporate nature into our built environments. Spurred on by a longing to connect with the natural environment and feel a greater sense of tranquillity in our spaces, we can expect to see more curves not just in 2022 but in the coming years too.

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