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Aqua Superpower has installed its first charging station in the US | Source: Solovela

Electric Boat Charging Company Aqua Superpower Expands to the US

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Dockside rapid charger company Aqua Superpower has expanded into the US with the installation of an electric boat charger in the Lake Tahoe Marina. The London-based company already has 150 fast chargers installed across the Cote d’Azur, the Italian Riviera, Venice, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Sweden, and Canada.

The DC chargers range in power from 25 to 150 kW and allow an electric boat to charge in 20-90 minutes. There are hopes the chargers will allow the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe to remain clean, having already improved drastically since the banning of two-stroke, carburettor engines in 1999.

Earlier this year Aqua Superpower announced a strategic partnership with Brisbane-based DC fast charging hardware and software firm Tritium to further expand its electric boat technology. Tritium uses IP65-rated technology, twin CCS ports and simultaneous charging capability that allows for two boats to charge per pile.

Aqua Superpower recently entered into a contract with the Catalan Association of Sports and Tourist Harbours to install marine fast chargers along the Catalonian coastline. The 46 members from 53 ports had chargers installed at no cost to the owners of the sites.

The chargers are designed for salty, humid air and there is an Aqua app that can help you find the charging stations, as well as pay.

It is hoped the chargers will allow for more electric-powered boats to be used in sensitive marine areas, such as lakes and rivers. Elk Rapids, Michigan has been named as the distribution partner for electric boat manufacturer X Shore’s 26-foot centre console electric boat.

It is hoped that electric boats will improve the water quality in and around the US, with plans to build a supercharging corridor in Northwest Michigan in consultation with Aqua Superpower.

This puts the pristine waters of the Great Lakes and Northwest Michigan on the map for electric boat users in the US. We have also selected Windemueller as our local installation and service provider. They have vast experience with super charger installation on the automotive side and they are excited to join the marine aspect of charging.

Scott Canning, VP US Business Development for AQUA SuperPower

The Elk Rapids Marina will sell and service Swedish-made Eelex 8000s, 26-foot centre console boats from X Shore, in the hopes that zero emissions boats will become the go-to method of marine travel in the Great Lakes area.

Zero emission electric boats are still relatively new on the scene but are making a big splash in the industry. In fact, many boat and yacht companies are making fully electric vessels, some even drawing on sustainable sources of electricity like solar and wind power to give them a theoretically unlimited range.

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