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At-Home Workout: Mix Up Your Exercise Routine With Online Pilates

Whether you’re stuck at home during lockdown or you simply prefer exercising in the privacy of your own space then online pilate classes are the perfect exercise to add to your at-home workout routine. Pilates is a low-impact series of exercises that are usually performed on a yoga mat. While the exercises tend to target your core muscles, you will quickly find that other areas of your body are strengthened as well.

With the benefits of pilates including strength, flexibility and a sense of wellbeing, everyone can benefit from incorporating the exercise into their weekly routine. And with just a yoga mat required, Pilates is an exercise that you can start practising anywhere. To help you get started, we’ve found some of the best online pilates classes and subscriptions that you start today.

The Pilates Class

Created by pilates instructor, Jacqui Kingswell, The Pilates Class is a subscription to a full library of specially designed pilates classes. You have a choice between chill, satisfying and intense class levels in a range of pilates styles that vary from cardio to barre-based. The classes focus on technique and posture to ensure that you’re getting the very best out of your workout. You can sign up for A$40 per month or subscribe to an annual plan for A$193 per year.


Blogilates is the Youtube channel created by pilates guru, Cassey Ho. With over 5 million dedicated subscribers, Cassey is many people’s go-to pilates instructor. Having created the upbeat POP Pilates format that incorporates a more cardio approach and pop music to the exercise, Cassey is favoured for her bubbly personality and fun approach to teaching Pilates. The popularity of the channel also comes from the varying video lengths. From ten-minute ab blasters to hour-long full-body workouts, you can find a video to fit into your schedule. And as a bonus – they are all free.

Source: Biogilates Instagram

Keep it Cleaner

Created by Australian fitness enthusiasts, Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, Keep it Cleaner is a fitness app that you can join for just A$20 a month. While the app offers a large variety of workouts, including boxing, HIIT, strength and yoga, there is a huge range of pilates classes available. Lead by resident Keep it Cleaner pilates instructor, Christina Traychevska, the videos range from 20-minutes to an hour and target different areas of your body. If you don’t want to pay, you can also find a number of pilates videos on the Keep it Cleaner Youtube channel.

Source: KIC Instagram

Move With Nicole

Move With Nicole is a Pilates-based Youtube channel run by Sydney pilates instructor and fitness enthusiast, Nicole McPherson. The relatively new channel grew to over 100,000 subscribers in just a few short months for Nicole’s serene disposition and calming instructor style. On the channel, you will find videos targeted at both beginners and more experienced pilates lovers. We love this calming 20-minute morning pilates video, which is perfect for anyone just starting out.

Source: Nicole McPherson Instagram

The Pilates Institute

The Pilates Institute is a highly regarded pilates studio and school in Australia. If you can’t or don’t want to attend one of the Pilates Institute’s physical studios then you can sign up for their at-home membership. For just A$25 a month, you will have access to unlimited pilates mat work, barre, reformer, beginners, pre and postnatal classes. With classes led by some of Australia’s best pilates instructors, you will become stronger and more confident in your ability in no time.

Image: The Pilates Institute online classes Source: The Pilates Institute

KX Pilates

KX Pilates is one of Australia’s leading Pilates studios. With physical studios located all around Australia, KX Pilates also offers online classes. If you’re looking for free classes then you can tune into their IGTV Channel for workouts and tutorials, as well as three 20-minute pre-recorded pilates workouts on their app through a Free Access membership. Otherwise, you can sign up for the Premium membership for A$20 a week and have access to an entire library of 55 pilates workouts. With high and low-intensity workouts to choose from, along with dynamic mat, reformer, pre-natal and post-natal variations, you won’t have any trouble finding a workout that suits you.

Image: KX Pilates instructor on video Source: KX Pilates

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