These non-alcoholic beers don't compromise on flavour | Source: Sobah Beverages Facebook

Australian Non-alcoholic Beer Options You Should Know About

According to a survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, more Australians are giving up the drink. In fact, around 400,000 people gave up alcohol between 2016 and 2019, and many more took steps to reduce their drinking to protect their health.

One step an increasing number of Australians are taking to improve their overall wellbeing is switching to alcohol-free or low-alcohol drinks. In response to growing demand, more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon by investing in non-alcoholic alternatives that don’t compromise flavours, especially breweries.

Gone are the days when zero-alcohol beers taste virtually nothing like the real thing. Armed with a wealth of new brewing techniques and hop combinations, brewers can now craft refreshing and crisp pale ales, XPAs and lagers, sans the bad stuff.

So, whether you’re doing Dry July, Sober October or you’re a permanent abstainer, here are some of the top rated Australian non-alcoholic beers worth trying.


This 100 per cent Australian owned and brewed beer brand offers four non-alcoholic beers: Refreshing Ale, Pacific Ale, Tropical XPA and All Day Ipa. With every beer containing less than 60 calories, NORT offers the lowest calorie Australian-made beer in the country that is still refreshing and crisp.

Nort beers
A NORT Mixed 18 Pack is A$40 | Source: NORT Beer

Carlton Zero

If Carlton Draught is or was your beer of choice, then this alcohol-free iteration is a good substitute. Offering a clean and refreshing taste is often remarked as a fruity and light zero beer and was named CHOICE’s best tasting beer from a selection of six mainstream no-alcohol beers.

Carlton Zero
Carlton Zero Six-pack, A$10.99 | Source: Dan Murphy’s


An Aboriginal owned and led brand, Sobah aims to raise positive awareness and promote First Nations’ culture, arts, language, and history. Crafted with high-quality ingredients, Sobah’s non-alcoholic craft beer range is preservative free and offers a light, fresh and crisp taste. There are currently seven brews in Sobah’s range, including a Lemon Aspen Pilsner, Finger Lime Cerveza and Wild Ginger Lager.

Sobah craft beer
Sobah Combo 12-Pack, A$45 | Source: Sobah

Heaps Normal

Using a non-traditional yeast and unique brewing method, Heaps Normal crafts full-flavoured XPA and a classic lager that means you don’t have to settle for sugary drinks, tea or water while catching up with friends for a beverage.

Heaps Normal XPA
Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Source Four-pack, A$16 at Liquorland | Source: Heaps Normal

Lightning Minds

Brewed using four different malts and three different hops, Lightning Minds crafts refreshing pale ale and are WA’s first dedicated alcohol-free beer brand. According to Lightning Minds, there are even some articles suggesting hops offer health benefits related to their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to aid post-exercise recovery.

The Aussie brand is set to bring a second beer to the market later this year.

Lightning Minds pale ale
Lightning Minds Pale Ale Four-pack, A$15 | Source: Craft Zero

Hawkesbury Brewing Co.

Fusing traditional and innovative brewing techniques, Aussie beer brand Hawkesbury Brewing Co. creates award winning pale ales. Hawkesbury maintains the classic craft beer flavour by dry hopping with a range of Australian hops to craft a balanced beer.

Hawkesbury pale ale
Hawkesbury Prohibition Pale Ale Six-pack, A$20 | Source: Craft Zero


Earning a Gold at the Independent Brewers Association’s Indies Awards 2021, UpFlow’s New World IPA packs bold flavours of tropical fruit, citrus and pine to create a full flavoured hoppy IPA minus the alcohol. This Australian brewer also offers a range of rehydration sports beers developed with Monash University, so you can have a healthy post-game round of beers.

UpFlow New World IPA
UpFlow New World IPA 24-pack, A$70 | Source: UpFlow

It’s not just the craft beer space that’s getting the alcohol-free treatment. Read up on Non-alcoholic Wines: The Best Drops With All the Taste, But Not the Hangover.

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