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Australia’s Largest Argyle Pink Diamond Viewing Held at Crown Melbourne

Last month, diamond and gemstone enthusiasts congregated at Crown Melbourne for Australia’s largest-ever Argyle Pink Diamond public viewing.

The exclusive viewing event was hosted by Melbourne based diamond investment company, The Pink Collection and ran for three exciting days.

Each of the pink diamonds was sourced from the famous Argyle mine in Western Australia, with some of the highly coveted collections having never been viewed by the public before.

Visitors enjoyed a glass of champagne while taking in the selection of precious gems that range in price from A$10,000 to over A$1 million.

The director of The Pink Collection, Josh Bennett noted that the company has seen a significant increase in the level of enquiry for the gems as people begin looking for alternative sources of investment in response to housing and stock market turbulence.

Bennet said, “The diversity of clientele is amazing,” said Bennett. “We have seen people purchase smaller
stones for jewellery pieces and others spending well over $1 million as part of their self-managed
superannuation strategy”.

With almost 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamond supply gone, the rare gems have seen a 500 per cent price increase since 2000, making them one of the most profitable luxury commodities in the world.

The selection exhibited a wide range of pink diamond cuts, weights and hues, with an aim to educate and support clients with education on the gems.

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