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The ancient ingredient of mastic resin has long been used to flavour food and drinks | Source: Axia

Axia Debuts World First Extra-Dry Mastiha

Made from the resin of the mastic trees on the Greek island of Chios, mastiha or mastika is a fragrant liqueur that has been gaining attention in the culinary world. Traditionally enjoyed in Greece, the liqueur will now be sold beyond the Mediterranean thanks to spirit makers, Axia. Making its debut in the US, UK and Greece with the world’s first extra-dry Mastiha spirit, Axia is offering the Greek drink to the global market.

Axia offers a novel experience, a new spirit category for consumers who are looking for flavour, depth, complexity and excitement in a drink.

Tony Chalva, CEO of Axia Spirit

What is mastiha?

Used as a liqueur, a flavouring ingredient in cooking and as a fragrant additive in cosmetics, mastiha is enjoyed for its distinctly pine-like and musky scent and flavour.

To obtain mastic, sap from mastic trees found throughout Chios and the Mediterranean is bled from the bark where it’s collected and covered with calcium carbonate powder as it crystallises into small hard pieces. Locally, mastic resin is known as the “tears of Chios” and is said to have been worth its own weight in gold during the Ottoman rule of Chios.

Created by Bacardi family member, Adrian Clarke, Axia is described as “an elegant, extra dry spirit distilled from the aromatic resin of the Mastiha tree” and could just be the next liqueur to add to your bar cart.

Mastiha cocktails

With mastiha being a little known cocktail ingredient, here are a couple of ways you can enjoy the Greek liqueur in your next drink, according to Axia.

Bloody Medusa
Like a famous Bloody Mary but with an added Axia bite

– 45ml Axia
– 150ml Bloody Mary mix

Pour the Axia into a highball. Add ice cubes and a spicy Bloody Mary mix. Garnish with celery, olives and a lemon wedge

Mastiha Margarita
Cool, elegant and deliciously Mediterranean

– 90ml Axia
– 45ml dry Pierre Ferrand dry curacao
– 15ml agave
– 45ml fresh lime juice

Mix all ingredients in a shaker, give it a flourish and pour over rocks. Line the tumbler rim with salt.

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