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Balenciaga x Fortnite: Luxury Fashion House Joins Forces With Online Gaming Giant

Two cultural icons from rather different backgrounds collide in a co-existent universe.

The meeting of Balenciaga and Fortnite represents a continuation of the ever-evolving relationship between the physical and digital world. The two powerhouses each bring a very different show of strength to the table.

Fortnite is a constant reminder of the power of modern gaming. According to Statista, Fortnite grew from 30 million players in its first year in 2017, to 350 million in May 2020.

Cristobal Balenciaga‘s eponymous company that defined a generation of haute couture is now one of the most innovative brands in 21st-century high fashion.

The French luxury house and Fortnite creator, Epic Games, announced the partnership on September 20th. It will see the brand’s clothing and accessories enter the digital realm.

It will also manifest into the real world however with both brands debuting a set of physical clothing items including hats, t-shirts and hoodies. The selection will be exclusively available at Balenciaga stores around the world and online.

Adam Sussman, President at Epic Games, explains the company’s thoughts behind the collaboration saying;

Fashion has a long history in the Fortnite community, where players have the agency to show up however they want in our world. Self-expression is one of the things that makes Fortnite so unique, and there couldn’t be a better first fashion partner than Balenciaga to bring their authentic designs and trendsetting culture to millions of players around the world.

Four of the game’s fan favourite characters will wear classic Balenciaga attire, also known as Balenciaga skins when game-side. Doggo, Ramirez, Knight, and Banshee will sport the digital apparel set alongside adorning accessories including new Balenciaga backblings, pickaxes, and gliders.

The collaboration doesn’t stop there. The rest of the venture will take place on the online platform via the Strange Times hub and an in-game Balenciaga store. The two will showcase the Fortnite community’s fashion on billboards in the hub arguably making the most relevant high-fashion brand more accessible to a younger demographic.

As with most Balaceagia limited releases, physical apparel is selling fast. The A$550 baseball hats are already sold out and some A$1,050 hoodies are also gone. If you want to have a look at other Balenciaga products, check out the best Balenciaga slides for summer and the Balenciaga bag.

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