The motif originally appeared on the walls of the city of Detroit before it was destroyed | Source: Arrested Motion

Banksy’s Diamond in the Rough Expected to Sell for Up To A$6.7 million

A highlight of British auction house Christie’s 21st Century Evening in May is set to be the auction of Banksy’s piece, A Diamond In The Rough.

Expected to sell for between A$4.02 – A$6.7 million, the show-stopping piece first debuted in the 2010 MOCA Survey Art In the Streets, a celebration and exhibition of graffiti and street art.

One of the most topical artists of the 21st- century, Banksy is shrouded in mystery and best known for his thought-provoking pieces. After rising through England’s underground art scene, his spray painting began appearing across the globe. Diamond In The Rough, originally appeared as a motif on walls of the city of Detroit but has since been destroyed.

Today, the piece holds incredible appeal to the art market with auction house Christie’s even accepting cryptocurrency payments at auction.

The piece is an ode to the history of street art and graffiti | Source: Antiques and Art Ireland

Painted on a steel and glass truck door, the piece uses spray paint to depict a young girl sitting cross-legged as she is cradling an illuminated diamond and surrounded by street art.

One of the most enigmatic figures in 21st century art, Banksy is a noted critic of society and capitalism who continues to push the envelope in recontextualising the historical significance of street art. Banksy’s actuvated walls, doors, and various detritus with his stencils, sprays and brush are entrancing- they simultaneously speak to a specific moment in contemporary culture and pay homage to the living organism that is the metropolitan city.

Ana Maria Celis, Christie’s Head of the 21st Century Evening Sales

The piece is considered to be one of the most influential artworks of street art to exist. It toys with ideas of street art and graffiti not being seen from the silo it exists within and the inability to view the art separate from its history.

A revolutionist of the street art scene, Banksy’s previous pieces have been sold for up to A$34.3 million.

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