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Bean to Cup: Brew at Home With the Smeg Automatic Coffee Machine

According to Statista, 75 per cent of Australians drink coffee, every day. And in March 2020, at-home consumption of coffee increased by 49 per cent. While there’s nothing quite like a barista-made brew, it seems the Italian coffee making tradition is dominating the domestic space. More than ever, people are enjoying their favourite cup from the comfort of their own homes.

While most people seem to think of Nespresso for their fancy coffee pod machine system – smeg is a name we don’t usually associate with coffee. You may have already heard of Smeg’s collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana and if you don’t know what we are talking about, chances are you probably own a smeg kettle or toaster in your kitchen. There’s no secret that this Italian brand is a leader in the home appliance world. While the list of the best home espresso machines on the market is long, today we’re probing into Smeg’s manual espresso machine and seeing how it compares to its new Smeg automatic system.

BCC01 Automatic Coffee Machine

Smeg’s first foray into the automatic coffee market is a fine machine that can make multiple beverages at the touch of a button. The simple appliance is great for first-time coffee makers – simply fill the container with your favourite beans and select your beverage. Smeg’s bean-to-cup machine uses ground beans and the intuitive control panel and one-touch functions ensure each cup is tailored to your preference; whether black coffee, Espresso, Americano or Ristretto.

The whole appliance is easy-to-maintain with a removable brewing unit and tank enabling fast cleaning, part by part. The direct grinding of coffee beans also reduces the waste from disposable pods.

Smeg’s automatic coffee machine has many industry-leading features including; a stainless steel conical burr grinder, 19-bar professional pressure and a Thermoblock heating system.

Key Features

Milk frother
Smeg’s BCC02 model comes with a milk frother to create perfectly textured milk.

Easy clean system
There’s an automatic rinsing function and the entire brewing unit is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Designed in collaboration with Deepdesign, the machine is a Good Design winner – an internationally recognisable, award, acknowledging stunning design and technological excellence. The famed Italian design studio created the sleek, compact machine that features a stylishly brushed aluminium panel. The coffee machine is also available in four matte colours to suit any decor: black, white, red and taupe.

Smeg ECF01 Espresso Coffee Machine

The Smeg name is synonymous with retro style and high quality. Although regarded as an entry-level manual espresso machine, the Smeg ECF01 Espresso Coffee Machine is great for home barista beginners. The easy-to-use appliance uses both ground coffee and coffee pods and can be used solely as a hot water dispenser.

The medium-sized machine is stacked with useful features and gadgets to improve your coffee experience. There’s a one or two cup button, a steam option, an adjustable cappuccino system, a flow stop function to customise your coffee length, adjustable coffee temperature and water hardness and a descaling light indicator.

Key Features

User-friendly control panel
Three buttons – one for easy adjustment of settings, a single/double espresso button and a button to activate the steam function.

De-calc system alarm
The machine indicates when a de-calc is required.

Filter holder
Stainless steel filter holder with 3 filters for single, double and paper pods.


Smeg is known for its retro style appliances, and the retro-classic look reigns supreme once again with his coffee machine. It’s sleek and stylish and fits well in a modern kitchen. It’s built-in mostly steel with a stainless steel wrap and plastic painted housing. It also features a stainless steel cup holder, chrome zamak steam lever and chrome-plated base.

If you’re levelling up your coffee routine then you’ll need to know the best coffee beans for the perfect morning brew.

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