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Perfect Your Game: The Best High-End Home Golf Simulators

If you want to improve your golf game, there’s no substitute for practice. While there was a time when as a golfer you’d have to battle the weather, other players and tee-off times for the chance to work on your game, these days modern golfers have more accessible options.

You’re now able to improve your game from the comfort of your own home with a golf simulator. Unfortunately, the early machines were known to be inaccurate and imprecise often utilised more as an enjoyment toy as opposed to a game-evolving asset. Nowadays, however, these at-home systems are pieces of state-of-the-art technology able to do everything from helping develop your whole game to playing virtual rounds of golf at your favourite course.

Here are some high-end home golf simulators to ensure you’re getting the best out of your game.

Trackman 4 

One of the most premium names in golf simulator technology, Trackman is used by a number of the world’s best golf players. The system uses patented multi-sensor technology, ultra-sensitive radars, and cameras to capture insightful data such as speeds, angles, direction, and spin rate. It also delivers an incredibly accurate golfing experience from practice range programs to over 130 simulated courses from around the world. This system is for serious golfers looking to emulate playing golf down to the last detail.

Prices for the TrackMan 4 start at around A$28,000.

trackman golf simulator
Source: Business Insider

Full Swing Pro

Endorsed by some of the biggest names in golf such as Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods, the Full Swing Pro is one of the most realistic home golf simulators on the market. The system uses infrared technology and high-speed cameras to track the ball, club and swing minimising disconnect and lag between the real and virtual world. Users can then access detailed information on ball speed, launch angle, carry, ball direction, backspin, and smash factor. It also offers an in-depth course library with around 100 courses to choose from worldwide.

Prices for the Full Swing Professional simulator start at around A$77,000.

Full Swing Pro simulator
Source: Full Swing Golf

AboutGolf Curve

This home golf simulator gets its name from the 180-degree screen that curves in front of a player delivering a panoramic golf course rendering that provides a brilliantly immersive experience. The company offers packages that include its 3Trak Software, a 3Trak Launch Monitor, a high-performance laptop, turf, tee box and a one-year subscription to the platform. As versatile as it is accurate, the golf simulators can be custom-built to fit your home and with 4K HD projection and customisable lighting, the technology can double as a home cinema.

The AboutGolf Curve at-home golf simulator costs around A$88,000.

AboutGolf aG Curve
Source: Golfstead
AboutGolf Curve
Source: AboutGolf

Foresight Sports GCQuad

Billed as ‘the game’s most advanced launch monitor,’ Foresight’s GCQuad provides accurate ball flight data using a quadrascopic high-speed camera system. Pair the monitor with a home setup such as the company’s Sim-In-A-Box or PerfectBay package and you can practice how you like or play golf courses around the world. This home golf simulator is perfect for those who may not want a large, permanently installed simulator.

Prices for the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor starts at around A$15,400.

Foresight Sports GCQuad
Source: Golfer Logic

HD Golf Simulator 

For the ultimate golfing experience, HD Golf is the only simulator maker to combine satellite data, high-resolution digital images, and geophysical data into 3D models. Using real course data to capture golf courses in incredible detail, players can enjoy the most realistic and accurate golfing experience.

The list of features such as automated swing capture and HD Golf pressure mat tracks everything from distance and ball speed to club head speed and launch angle. The all-in-one simulator package software offers practice facilities, competitions, games, club fitting features, and more. The perfect mix of entertainment and accuracy, the technology also doubles as a home theatre system.

The HD Golf Simulator Ultimate Entertainment Package is around A$98,000.

HD Golf home Simulator
Source: HD Golf

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