It's easy to see a guy like Bill Gates owning a yacht like this 376-foot-long hydrogen powered ... [+] SINOT YACHT ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN

Bill Gates and the Hydrogen-Powered Sustainable Superyacht

The world’s first hydrogen-electric-powered superyacht, Aqua, first made headlines after it was reported to be purchased by multi-billionaire, Bill Gates.

Being the founder of TerraPower, an organisation based on developing next generation nuclear power and energy storage, with a net worth of US$124 billion and a known history of renting superyachts in the past, it’s easy to see why many suspected Bill Gates to be the new owner of the innovative vessel.

However, the yacht’s designer, Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design, quickly dispelled the rumours and confirmed that they did not have a business relationship with Gates.

The environmentally friendly yacht was first debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2019 and boasts a value of US$644 million (AUD$747 million). Aqua is expected to cruise up to 17 knots with a 3,750 nautical miles range. The vessel will have five decks, accommodation for up to 14 guests and room for 31 crew.

While hydrogen is already being used for a number of American automobiles, including the Honda Clarity, Hyundai Nexo and Toyota Mirai, the marine industry is only beginning to utilise the carbon-neutral power source. Once completed, Aqua will be the first superyacht to use hydrogen as its main power source and there are hopes that other marine vessels will quickly follow suit.

Here’s a rendering of the owners BATHROOM aboard the 376-foot long sustainalbe superyacht from Sinot … [+] 
It’s easy to see a guy like Bill Gates owning a yacht like this 376-foot-long hydrogen powered … [+] 

Discussing Aqua, Sander Sinot says, “We took inspiration from the lifestyle of a discerning, forward-looking owner, the fluid versatility of water and cutting-edge technology to combine this in a 376-foot) superyacht with a fully operational liquid hydrogen and fuel cell system that features groundbreaking in technology, as well as design and aesthetics.”

Aqua is anticipated to be completed in 2024, and while it hasn’t been purchased by the fourth richest person in the world, there’s no doubt that a line of other environmentally conscious multi-billionaires will be interested in owning the groundbreaking vessel.

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