20 Blackwall Reach Parade, Bicton

Blackwall Reach Parade, Bicton – One of Perth’s Most Underappreciated Riverside Addresses

When you cast your mind to riverside addresses in Perth, you might not think of Blackwall Reach Parade in Bicton, but it is a contender as the best in the state.

Stretching from Bicton Baths to the Blackwall Reach Cliffs, this waterfront location is nestled off the main road, with the river just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Looking out to Mosman Park to the north you can see yachts floating in the foreground on the shimmering turquoise waters as the beauty of the Swan River unfurls itself right on the banks.

Blackwall Reach Parade, Bicton, WA

The lovely green suburb enjoys stunning views of the Swan River and is home to some of Perth’s most impressive homes, only 10km from the CBD and five km from the port city of Fremantle.

Blackwall Reach Parade is one of the most exclusive riverside locations in the state, with only around 60 homes dotting the opulent location with a scarcity of land available, none on prime frontage. Homes are hard to come by on the prestige address, and when they come to market, they are quickly snapped up.

From this unique riverside location, you can stroll to Bicton Baths, Rob Campbell Park, the East Fremantle Yacht Club, Point Walter Golf Course, Blackwall Reach Cliffs and much more.

Two properties have changed hands on the street this year, including 62 Blackwall Reach Parade which sold for $5.5 million in May, the second-highest sale the street has ever seen.

2020 was a busy year for the riverside street, with three homes being sold, and in a sign of how exclusive the address is, no homes sold in 2019.

Only one home, 20 Blackwall Reach Parade is currently available on the street, but neighbouring properties like 4 Lindsay Place, one street back, showcase some of the extraordinary builds located in the suburb.

When Bicton’s median house price of $1.15 million is compared to other riverside suburbs, it appears to be undervalued. Neighbouring suburbs Attadale and East Fremantle have a median of $1.251 million and $1.25 million respectively. Across the river, Mosman Park enjoys a $1.575 million median while Dalkeith basks in a $2.64 million median.

When you zoom into other riverside locations, the divergence of price becomes even more apparent.

Some big deals have happened along the Perth riverfront this year that is comparable to the 62 Blackwall Reach Parade property sold in May. 428 The Esplanade, Peppermint Grove sold for $6.750 million in May and a four-bedroom three-bathroom home and 35 The Esplanade in Mount Pleasant sold in January this year for $11.3 million.

And there is no watering down of waterfront prices either, with research from Knight Frank showing prime waterfront houses in Perth received a huge 61 per cent price premium over their inland counterparts in the year to the September quarter 2020, with the average transaction price resting nicely at $13.4 million.

Bicton has witnessed unprecedented levels of growth over the 2020-21 financial year as well, increasing 30.9 per cent, the third-highest growth suburb in the state. The upper quartile of homes in Bicton enjoys a higher median of $1.62 million.

Amy Gohil, Director of Fine & Country, currently selling 20 Blackwall Reach Parade, said the area can be somewhat overlooked, saying a home similar to her listing in New South Wales would easily sell for $20 million.

“A lot of people are probably not even aware this road is here,” she said. “But on this road, in particular, there are brilliantly outstanding properties, everyone built something really unique and different.

“I wouldn’t say it is just the best part of Bicton, I would say it is one of the best riverside roads in Perth. It fits in the category of the best riverside roads in Mosman Park and Attadale.”

To round the up and coming suburb off, Bicton itself is located in one of the most exclusive school zones in the state, with Santa Maria, Iona Presentation College, The Beehive Montessori School, St Hildas Anglican School for Girls and Our Lady Fatima School.

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