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Book the Cut: A-Lister Hairstyles for Men

Effortlessly stylish, easy to maintain and undeniably cool. A short hairstyle for men is a sophisticated statement. Every cut, style and dye is a commitment in itself – so, as a statement of long-term intent, the hairstyle you choose carries some weight.

With so many styles to choose from, we have turned to some of the suavest Hollywood A-listers to offer us a source of inspiration for the next chop. If you’re after more than a short back and sides haircut, here is a look at some of the most stylish hairstyles for men and the popular icons who pull them off.

The Spiky Cut

Ask your barber for the Bradley Cooper cut – a styled-spiky top with a side par. The ‘A Star is Born’ star was rocking some longer locks during the film but Brad is more often seen sporting a short haircut for men. This effortless style works wonders if you have naturally messy hair and gives definition and structure. For a polished-look comb back slightly and add some wax to hold in place.

The Classic Combed Back With Fade

Who cares about higher maintenance haircuts when you’re strolling around looking like Brad Pitt? This sophisticated hairstyle compliments cocktail attire or the black-tie dress code. It’s timelessly classic and can be styled to stay on-trend. The slicked-back top is flattering for a rounder face and is versatile if you’re a fan of using a hairdryer or brush for styling.

The Messy Crop

Thor himself can have his hair however he wants and it will somehow look good. There’s no denying that Chris Hemsworth rocks the messy crop. This short, messy cut is a style that will suit most face shapes and is long enough to be finger-styled. The mess of spikes and side-swept hair is great for guys wanting a sporty but put-together look.

Fade With Long Bangs

Cillian Murphy’s charismatic character in the hit shows Peaky Blinders comes with a fanbase keen on emulating his stylish trim. The short hairstyle for men is a variation on the undercut – tidy on the sides with a longer top. It’s adaptable to almost all hair types but can be high maintenance for some people if you want to keep it slicked back or to the side like the TV protagonist.

Close Crop

Daniel Craig’s James Bond is a style icon – one of the keys to his fashion success, the character’s haircut. The close crop is similar to a crew cut on the side-part spectrum. To emulate the actors cut, ask your barber for a short fade, leaving about an inch on top, fading down to a quarter-inch at the sides. Just like the iconic character keeps fussing around to a minimum – a few ruffles with a matte finish product for styling will suffice.

Ivy League

Keep it professional like Ryan Gosling with this modern trim – known as the Harvard Clip or the Princeton hairstyle. The popular American style haircut is perfect for all types of hair – from straight to wavy and curly. A short side paired with a slightly longer styled top and side part keeps the cut tidy and smart.

Crew Cut

It doesn’t get more classic than the crew cut – simple and minimalist – it’s a short back and sides haircut that’s slightly longer on the top. Zac Efron makes it look seriously stylish with a clean shape that’s smart and masculine. The look works particularly well with thicker hair and a natural texture. Pair it with light facial hair for a relaxed yet rugged feel or go clean-shaven like the High School Musical star.

Buzz Cut

The absolute classic cut that comes from a historically military background is now more commonly seen on pop sensations such as Justin Timberlake. Also known as the induction cut, the low-maintenance hairstyle can be easily created at home – take a clipper grade zero or one and start cutting on top moving against the grain. Buzz the clippers all over your head and add a fade finish on the sides for a sharp and tight look.

Short, Defined Bowl Cut

There’s hardly a style icon who pulls off the short defined bowl cut like Will Smith. The ultra-short bowl cut style features sides shaved into a tight undercut with a longer top. If you’re taking on this look, ensure it’s trimmed into a precise shape that suits your head – Big Willy style.

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