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Boost Your Sleep: Visit A Cryotherapy Clinic in Perth

With a range of health benefits, including improved sleep, reduced inflammation and increased metabolism, cryotherapy is one wellness treatment worth looking into. And with clinics offering the miracle treatment popping up across Perth, you too can see what the hype is all about.

The Polar Room

Offering whole body cryotherapy, cryotherapy facials, sculpting and spot treatments, The Polar Room in Subiaco is your one-stop shop for all treatments at sub-zero temperatures. For A$90, you can plunge your body to – 140C for 10 minutes to unlock a range of health benefits, including improved quality of sleep and boosted immunity. By stimulating circulation, cryotherapy facials promise tighter, firmer and smoother skin.

Bare Motion Integrated Health

Located in Claremont, Bare Motion Integrated Health Clinic is another top clinic offering cryotherapy. As a medically certified cryotherapy sauna, Bare Motion’s medically trained staff safely and responsibly provides cryotherapy treatments with a specific treatment plan in mind. Taking you to temperatures from -120C to –150C, just a few minutes in their Juka Cryosauna promises to alleviate musculoskeletal, arthritic and dermatological conditions.

Mind Body Lounge

With a whole-body cryotherapy room that evenly cools the entire body with -85C to -95C dry air, Mind Body Lounge in Victoria Park aims to counter everyday stressors in peoples lives through superior wellness treatments. In addition to whole-body cryotherapy, Mind Body Lounge offers infrared sauna sessions, red-light treatment, lymphatic body compression therapy and more.

Body For Life

Located in Success, Body For Life offers a range of recovery solutions including cryotherapy. In addition to whole-body cryotherapy, Body For Life also provides cryo spot treatment to target specific areas of pain and inflammation as well as cryo facials to rejuvenate the skin, which can even be completed with makeup on.

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