Bottega Veneta Great Wall of China

Source: WWD

Bottega Veneta Takes to the Great Wall of China

Italian fashion house, Bottega Veneta has taken over a section of the Great Wall of China in the lead-up to the 2022 Chinese New Year.

The installation coincides with Bottega Veneta’s pledge to financially contribute to the maintenance renovation of Shanhai Pass. Also known as the ‘First Pass Under Heaven’, Shanhai Pass is the starting point at the eastern end of the Great Wall.

Along with displaying the brand name, the digital installation screens the message ‘Happy New Year’ in Mandarin. In conjunction with the iconic Bottega green, the installation features a bright tangerine shade that is tied to wealth and good luck in traditional Chinese culture. According to an article in Jing Daily, tangerine “carries similar implications of getting what you want”, making for the perfect colour choice for the Year of the Tiger.

The installation is the first on the historic monument since Fendi’s 2007 fashion show on the Great Wall. As for Bottega Veneta, the large-scale installation follows on from a number of the public ad campaigns by the Kering-owned brand. In 2021, Bottega made use of the rooftops of buildings near LAX to catch the eyes of passengers flying in and out of Los Angeles, as well as splashing its campaign into the iconic Bondi Beach swimming pool last year.

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