An increasing demand for men's makeup has resulted in a growing number of men's cosmetics lines from luxury brands. | Source: CHANEL

Boy de Chanel: Everyday Makeup for Men

Gone are the days when makeup was just for women. So too are the days where women would find their husbands dipping their fingers into their makeup bag to cover blemishes. With a spectrum of men’s cosmetic products hitting the market, the put-together man can now have his own collection. And when it comes to cultivating a personal care routine that is simple and effective, men need to look no further than Chanel’s Boy de Chanel beauty range.

Men’s luxury self-care

According to Grand View Research, the global men’s personal care market is anticipated to reach more than A$100 billion. So, while many men are still warming up to the idea of wearing foundation and concealer, the beauty industry is preparing for a real demand from men for personal grooming products like male-marketed cosmetics in addition to male-marketed skincare.

In terms of getting your hands on simple yet luxurious products tailored towards simple yet polished looks, Chanel’s dedicated male cosmetics range offers everything you could need. Here’s how you can create a fresh and put-together look in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: Hydration

Regardless of whether or not you’re applying makeup, hydration is the key to smoother and more refreshed skin. Boy de Chanel’s Fortifying Gel Moisturiser is the perfect lightweight moisturiser, packed with hyaluronic acid and green coffee extract to instantly hydrate and plump the skin. Use in combination with the Boy de Chanel lip balm to keep dry skin at bay.

Step 2: Foundation and Concealer

When it comes to wearing foundation and concealer, men tend to get a little hesitant. However, the aim of using these products is to create a natural look while evening out your skin tone and disguising blemishes here and there rather than covering and weighing down the skin. With that said, choosing the correct shade for you is vital. Boy de Chanel’s long-wearing foundation comes in seven shades and has a fluid formula for easy application and blending, meaning it’s light-weight and looks like skin. And if the foundation isn’t enough coverage for any dark spots or circles, you can go in with the Boy de Chanel stick concealer to give you that extra coverage.

Step 3: Eyes and brows

Well-shaped eyebrows frame the face, so if you’re dealing with some light or sparse brows, the Boy de Chanel eyebrow pencil might be for you. Available in three shades, the eyebrow pencil comes with a spiral brush so you can blend through the waterproof formula for a more natural look. And if you enjoy a more grungy look, try the 3-in-1 eye pencil to emphasise and intensify the eyes, using the pencil for eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Step 4: Polish

Who said manicured nails were just for women? If you’re looking to add some colour to your nails, consider picking up the Boy de Chanel matte nail polish, which comes in black and a natural shade.

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