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Caudalie is a French skincare company recognised for its beauty and skincare products focused on the nutrients and benefits of the grape. This internationally acclaimed French beauty brand has its roots in a family vineyard in Bordeaux.

Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas co-founded Caudalie after learning of the many benefits of grape seeds, which contain the most powerful antioxidants in the world. This husband and wife pair decided to utilize grapes, as well as other naturally sourced ingredients, to create top of the line skincare and beauty products to be sold around the world.

Created in ’95, Caudalie quickly rose to the top of the skincare world and achieved international success as an innovative beauty brand. Globally, the company generates a revenue of around A$320 million.

Photo: Caudalie, Sephora Australia

The formulas developed by Caudalie are natural and suitable for all skin types. The ingredients used are rich in antioxidants, making them very beneficial for the skin. With a focus on always using naturally sourced ingredients, Caudalie’s key ingredients are organic grape water, grape seed oil, moisturising active ingredients, prickly pear oil, shea butter and orange and lemon plant water.

Choosing to build its products from natural, organic ingredients that are produced and sourced fair trade, the company shies away from the harsh ingredients many skincare companies utilise in their production processes.

All products made by Caudalie are free from paraffin, parabens and synthetic artificial colourings. With a focus on producing sustainable products, Caudalie favours locally sourced or fair trade products, and they are a member of the initiative “1 per cent for the Planet,” meaning the brand donates 1 per cent of its earnings to give something back to the earth.

All of the products delivered by top skincare brand Caudalie are quality assured and produced with nourishing ingredients that will benefit your skin greatly, helping you to always look your best with glowing, healthy skin. Products flying out the door and our top picks for any complexion are:

Beauty Elixir

This unique and innovative facial spray feeds the skin, helping women achieve a glowing, healthy complexion. The spray is both a toner and a face serum all at once, using natural extracts such as grape, orange blossom and rose to give the skin a healthy boost.

Photo: Caudalie, Sephora Australia

Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet

The gel cream is perfect for sensitive skin, providing a nourishing boost of moisture for tired skin. Using grape water for hydration and chamomile to calm the skin, this cream leaves the skin smooth and nourished.

Photo: Caudalie, Sephora Australia

Grape Water

The iconic Caudalie Grape Water needs no introduction. This cult favourite all-natural product works to hydrate and refreshes skin, leaving a tired visage smooth and fresh.

Photo: Caudalie, Sephora Australia

Instant Foaming Cleanser

This bestselling cleanser is perfect for all skin types as it is ultra-gentle, yet very effective for removing all traces of makeup on the face. This foaming cleanser deep cleans skin delicately, leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed after use.

Photo: Caudalie, Sephora Australia

Instant Detox Mask

This revitalising face mask gently exfoliates and purifies the skin, drawing out any impurities in the skin. Leaving the skin refreshed and smooth, it is the perfect mask for those of us looking to refine our skin.

Photo: Caudalie, Sephora Australia

This internationally recognised skincare brand uses cutting edge technology with its own patented formulas designed to defy age and rebuild the skin. Using only the best ingredients to create effective, natural and luxurious products, Caudalie offers a vast range of innovative products.

Constantly working towards improving its beauty line, this French business is focused on utilising top of the line equipment and the latest scientific advances to ensure its products are the best that they can be.

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