Chanel Opens Luxe Pop-Up Store in Aspen Colorado

With the snow softly falling around you and only the sound of your boots crunching through the ice on the pavement in this cute hamlet in Aspen Colorado, you might be surprised to see the illuminating lights of that famous six-letter word, Chanel.

Yes, that’s right Chanel have just recently opened their ephemeral boutique right here in the high street of Elk Mountain in Colorado.

As you pass through the doors there is that fine French finesse that is ever-present in any one of Chanel’s boutiques. The interior features the iconic colours of beige, white, gold and black, with grand mirrored columns, luscious black velvet, powdery white wool and buttery soft beige leather lounges. It is the long black carpet runner emblazoned with the Chanel logo that draws your eyes along the length of the store to the latest collections on display.

Both the Fall 2019 and Cruise 2020 collections can be seen hanging beneath the warm glow of the downlights. It seems almost fitting that Karl Lagerfeld presented his final collection before his passing that was inspired by high fashion ski village apparel.

To see these pieces in a setting such as Aspen is a true testament to his vision and a devotion to this designers’ dream. These collections comprise of a mix of highly tailored masculine and feminine silhouettes of long, wide-cut pants together with sweaters embellished with crystals, mirroring the same timeless elegance we know Chanel all too well for. With pops of royal reds and bold blues amongst the signature colour palette, it is clear there is the perfect supply of looks for Aspen’s locals and tourists alike.

Upon closer inspection, the store also features a range of winter-ready accessories including ear muffs, hats, scarves, gloves and even skis. As well a surprisingly decadent range of fine jewellery pieces and the newly released Chanel 19 handbag. Named for the year of its inception and to mark the new chapter in the fashion house’s history as Virgine Viard leads the brand forward.

So for all those fashion-forward mountain dwellers take a stroll down these quint sidewalks of Elk Mountain to visit this pop-up store soon. Open now until January 21, 2020.

Photo: Chanel

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